More than 1 game save?

Something i have been wondering. Is it possible to have more than 1 saved game on your gamertag? Ive been wanting to start over but dont want to lose my previous game. So i was going to save a new game to a flash drive. But then i thought i remembered people doing this to glitch credits or something. So im here asking because i dont want to do it then get banned.

If I’m not mistaken, I don’t think you can.

Nope, definitely not.

The only way to keep your cars, would be to gift them to a trusted friend and have them sent back to you once you started over, but that’s not something I’d recommend.

I thought it was against the rules to have multiple game saves but it is only illegal to COPY your save. There was a thread on the old forum where ID Timberwolf discussed this and said it was fine to have ONE save on each storage location; HDD, Cloud, USB Stick.

First step is to have a configured USB stick as a second storage location. The XBOX ones come pre-formatted but you can use any and format them in System → Storage. If the USB stick is installed when you start the game it asks which save you want to use. Select the USB stick and you will start a new game save. DO NOT copy your game save from the HDD. It is OK though to copy your paints, tuning files etc. to the stick which is a good way to back them up. An easy way to transfer cars and credits is to use a second GT or a friend. You can also put a car up for auction on one save then cancel and resolve it on the other save.

Maybe a mod will chime in to confirm ? I have heard about people doing this without problems but no warranty - proceed at your own risk !

I was in that thread you mentioned and can confirm that there is no issue having multiple saves - you can have one save per gamertag per device. This means that I have 1 save on my Xbox HDD and one on a USB. I have a total of over 700 cars in FM4 over my 2 saves (at least one of each car plus many duplicates) and have had so for some time.
Just beware that you need to pay attention to what you are doing (no button mashing when selecting save devices, save and exit fully before shutting off the box, etc), and on top of that the only way to transfer between 2 saves for the one tag is the AH which I would expect will be shut down one of these days (like FM2). If you use two tags you can have the saves on the one device but will need gold on both tags to send cars between the two. Again, this service will likely stop at some point as well.

Thanks for the info everyone.

I just wasnt sure if it would cause me to get in trouble. I have a USB plugged in and everytime i start up forza and it asks me to pick a memory spot. I then thought “hey, maybe i can start fresh on the USB stick.” Then i thought i remembered hearing of a glitch that involved doing that so i decided against it until i found out if it was safe or not before trying it. Ive been playing Forza games for a long time and never been banned and dont wont to start now, lol.

There was an issue with this in the original Forza on the original Xbox - and is why the saves cannot be copied/backed up in the versions since. Having more than one save though is fine as long as it is done within the games limitations (one per GT per device).

Gdub brought up the point I had brought up about this in the old forums

You can when you create a new save in another save location being a different save then the existing one. I have been able to do this for FM3, FM4 and Horizon without any issue. The system is setup that you are allowed to have one and only one save per save location. Creating a new save in another location will not effect your existing save in any way other then anything server side such as your message center, gift cars, auction, storefront which goes for all your gamesaves. If you redeem a gift car it will be put on the gamesave it was redeemed on and will no longer be available so pay close attention to which save your on if your redeeming something like unicorn cars from Turn 10.

You will not get in trouble for creating a new gamesave in a different location. You would if you attempted to illegally copy the existing gamesave which the Anti-cheat mechinism would invalidate it forcing the player to delete the save and start over to correct it.

hopefully that has answered your question

ah, ok. thanks for the help and clearing that up.