Came save

I am cross I had remove my game save for the game from my console and when I sync it back from Xbox live its not the right one it’s started all over again how the bloody he’ll can this have happened forza help I have put many many hours I to playing this now I have to do it all over again

Surely they could gift me like 150 million creditsto help me buy the cars again. And maybe another. 50 million as I lost 51million credits after all they done this for Joe Don won song when he lost his game save

Can you explain what you did to your game save so you help us to avoid such event?

I don’t even know how to do anything with Xbox One save files. I guess is in Manage game/data saved and you moved to a flash drive?

It’s so hard compared to Xbox 360 because we no longer have a nice menu interface like the Xbox 360, that I strongly believe the vast majority of people just don’t mind tinkering with the save files anymore.
Also as it quickly synchronizes with the cloud people just let the save files be and don’t mind the hassle to play offline/online/whatever is needed to avoid synching and successfully moving/copying them without risking losing them.

So what you did?

*When I say tinkering I mean moving them to a Memory Unit, because for example my Xbox 360 has only 60 GB HDD, so I store stuff on Memory Units. Newcomers should be aware that illegal tinkering/cheating with Forza save files result in losing them. Also just “Copying” them result in corrupting them, you can only “Move” them.

My Xbox was telling me that I was out off. Space but I had 500gb it was saying to remove Data as we. All know if you remove your data from console only it syncs back so I did this and the file I synced back wasn’t the same one it started my game from the very beginning meaning all car pack cars which I have payed for. Can’t be added to my garage for free again and I had lost over 51 million in game credits like I said in the last post surely that someone from forza hq can send me like 200 million credits to get me back up and running again after all they. Helped Joe Don won song with 250 million and all horizon edition cars. Gifted

So you deleted it. You should have disconected the Xbox I believe. Removing the cable if using cable or using the offline option or just turning off your router for some minutes. But now it’s gone.

Whenever you need space delete only the main game files, preferably from a game you are not playing anymore. You should have some 1-2 GB indie games you no longer play. Why delete Forza from all the available options.

Well send them an email I guess.

Also don’t type like that in the email. If I was a developer an email written like that would be ignored. Not because of being harsh or anything, but because I would doubt it is serious.

I only removed from console so the file save should have been in the cloud but it wasn’t when I stared the game up again it was a new game save mate when it synced

The problem is, how do you know it will “load” from the cloud, or just “save” the new started game over what was already there?

That’s why people tinker less with this save system. It’s complicated to understand how it behaves.


il not be touching them ever again thats for sure