More money for tune sales and paint sales?

Edit: I got mixed up and thought tune sales were 250 not 100, so if any math doesn’t make sense, let me know.

Tune : It’s really annoying to only get 100 credits from a tune sale.

First of all if you don’t use any perks you have to pay for the parts to upgrade your car, tune and sell it. The most expensive tune can go to 100,000 credits, yet you only get 100 credits per tune sold? How can’t i ever make my money back, because it will take me nearly 1000 sales to make a profit. Why can’t i get the full 100,000? My tunes are good, but unless your Don Joewon Song, your making no profit. This can mainly affect new tuners.

Now your saying that people can easily scam and become rich, but what if every time someone buys your tune you get 2,000 more each time. Like 100 the first sale, then 2,000 the second sale, etc. So scammers will only get maybe 20,000 and a good tune could get upwards of 200,000 reward for their hard work.

It takes 15 to 30 minutes to tune a car, and you need to spend the high amounts of credits to get the car. Anyone can throw paint on a car, but it takes someone with knowledge of a car to make a good tune. When your buying a paint job you see what your getting, but when you buy a tune it can be bad or good with no way to test it, so good tuners should get more money then people who scam and just upgrade the cars without tuning using this method.

I have almost 5,000 tune sales, that is only 500,000 credits (not including uses) from making 200 tunes, twice (i redid my tunes). That is the same yield as 3 laps around the Goliath, or one hour (With the right car and perks). I could make 2-4 tunes in the time it took them to get 1.2 million on the Goliath, and only earn 1% of what they made. Anyone can upload a tune, so its hard to sell any when anyone can upload a terrible tune and call it “best tune 300mph+” and get a lot of money from scamming. That is why the good tuners need to get more money. I’m officially done uploading tunes to only get 10 sales when it costed me 100,000 to make the tune. Before you say my tunes are bad, most of the the time ill log in and ill have 30 uses with only 4 tune sales, so people are constantly using my tunes. Not everyone uses the same car everyday, so i might only get 3 uses per sold tune. I sometimes think faster then i type, so if you see parts with missing words and typos then

Its hard to sell any tunes for high end cars. I might only sell 10 tune sales for the 3 million+ cars because their is little ways to make large amounts of money. People don’t have the time to make 500 tunes or 200 paint jobs to make a decent amount of money. This new method could put a end to that, and farming on the Goliath. People who work hard to make good tunes should get payed and making a good selling product, you should get paid. Not everyone deserves 5 million for doing nothing and selling a bad product because they don’t work hard. This was hard to explain to some people, as they think everyone deserves someone else’s money to make them feel included. Do you want a snowflake participation award?

Paint: I’m not much of a painter, but i do have 22 paint jobs with 180 sales. I did sell do a lot of tunes on FH2 (around 4,000) but since none of those paint jobs carry over because that was on the Xbox 360, i decided not to paint anymore. Plus my techniques don’t even work on FH3.

First of all it annoys me how a really good painter might only get 100,000 credits from selling 400 paint jobs. This is because it takes a lot of creativity to make a awesome paint jobs and countless hours to make a some of these 1000 part vinyls. They should get lots of money from making good paint jobs. I can say it is a lot easier to sell a paint job then a tune, as you see what your getting. Most of the insanely rich people in FH3 i have met (700 million+ earned total) are all painters. This only accounts for a small portion of painters, as a lot still making very little for their master pieces. I see a lot of good paint jobs because the Forza community does have some of the most creative people, and we need to embrace that.

It only costs labor to make a paint job in FH3, so maybe the 2,000 credit rule i mentioned earlier would apply to this. Please consider all of what i have said and don’t lock this thread and tell me to post it somewhere else where no one will read it. Please be nice, don’t just call me a cry baby and make fun of my grammar. I’m sorry for any typos. I had this forum post in mind for a long time, finally got around to it.


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I was thinking the same. Bumping a thread you made yourself less than 12 hours after posting is rather redundant, since it’ll still be on the first page.

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And who is going to see it? No one is going to read a 60 pages of that forum post to find my idea.

What if its someones job at Turn 10 to read the features wishlist?

What if its part of this forums rules that feature wishes be posted there.

Here is a tip, use the perks and any issue you think you have here goes away.

I tune too and dont agree with you.

My preference would be that somehow they make racing the only profitable activity in the game.