How does [Mod edit - WSD - Please dont single out individuals] have over 100 million credits in forza horizon 3, there is no legit way of getting this much unless he was gifted it from turn10, I have almost the same amount of game time as him and not even close to the amount of credits as him, for gods sake I’m even higher level

I started a new game save a few day ago and have about 25 million by tuning and selling cars, and I’m on about 50 other peoples line-ups so my Drivatar rakes in a good bit of cash.

I have around 168 million in game Credits and all but 8 cars. Been playing since Day 1(-3). Platinum Star etc. So it is possible with enough effort and enjoyment!

It’s really not that hard if you’ve been playing.

There’s also community based comps that some people have been in that award credits. I’ve gotten a good chunk from that. Goliath Laps earn a good amount. Auction house. Rivals. Many different ways to earn.

I’d hold off on throwing out wild accusations without knowing what’s up man. Just play. The more you play, the more you make. Most of the people I know have over a 100mill.

Just play, man.


I’m sitting on about 86 million in credits and most of that is just from playing online adventure after getting all the cars I wanted. I’ve “gifted” people 11 million a few times with HE cars on the AH without any worries because credits are so easy to get. I’ve one friend who’s had so many tunes and such downloaded that their drivatar in my line up shows them as having 999 million credits.

some of the big youtubers will make a lot of credits off paint and tune sales due to them having a lot of followers.