More info on missing textures over time

I have mentioned in detail the issue at Daytona Oval in the PC version where the textures start dropping at around lap 50 and track starts dropping around lap 90

This issue is quicker and easier to reproduce at Indy Oval. There the granstands in the turn1-turn2 area will start to flicker at about 20 laps in a fast car by lap 25 there is a lot of textures dropping in and out along the start line down through the first corner and into the next one.

In both locations this is easy to reproduce, happens every time on my pc. I have not been able to reproduce this consistently on any other track even the 81 laps at Sebring showed no sign of the issue but both Daytona and Indy ovals do this every time.

the number of laps required to get this to happen is after a fresh start of the game where this is the first race ran. It happens sooner if you have already been driving elsewhere before going there. I have been able to reproduce this many times on Daytona and on Indy it seems the same only quicker. I have reproduced it 4 times now on Indy and several more on Daytona.

I have tried everything I can think of on my system including turning down the settings in game, updating drivers, shutting down other programs and so on

My system Ryzen 5 1600, GTX 1050ti 4gb 16gb ddr4 game installed on 7200rpm WD black edition HDD, page file on Samsung 960 evo M2 Ultra.

It does not seem to matter if there are or are not other programs running, it does not seem to matter if I have the in game settings low or high. Textures drop out at the same point in the race and progress the same no matter what I try on my end.

The only solution I have found currently is to exit the app and start it again at which point everything is back to normal and the issue can be reproduced the same as above.

Is this something that is being looked into?

For me somehow since the patch the texuters stopped flickering or dissapearing but the game crashes directly now to desktop. This was not going one before the update.

Perhaps what you were seeing was related to rewind?
There was also an issue where using rewind could cause this to happen and that was addressed in the patch but had no effect on the issue I describe here.

I have also had this happen at Indy and at Yas Marina but not for a while. I had it at Bathurst but I thought it was to do with the rewind issue. My PC has 32GB RAM and uses an SSD.

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I have saw it at bathhurst and thought maybe it was a troublesome track as well but when I saw it was before the rewind patch and when I saw it really bad there I had used rewind a few times in that race.

Today I went to Bathhurst and ran 3 5 lap races then 3 10 lap races and saw no issues during those. Don’t remember seeing any stuttering there either so I am thinking that the missing texture problem there probably was related to rewind but on the two ovals it happens before and after the patch and happens if you have not touched rewind at all.

Homestead oval on the other hand seems fine, I ran a 1 hour race there today and have ran numerous races there during a single session and have not had issues of this type there. I have saw it take a stuttering spell from time to time but then it will straighten up and be fine.

The only time I have saw the textures become and issue there was before the patch and after hitting rewind several times prior.

4GB VRAM dude.


The recommended video card for this game is GTX 1050TI with 4gb vRam which is exactly what I am using.
The minimum is 2gb and a slower GPU.

This same issue happens to people with 6gb and those with 3gb and it happens at the same points as I described.

If I monitor vram usage the game generally uses about 3.5 or under and never hits more than 55% load on the GPU.

Those numbers are the same when it has a problem and when it does not have a problem.

I get this always running Daytona after 2-3 hours of constant running it starts with just the fence than as I run more I get more drop outs until its unplayable than going into menus will cause a crash.