[PC]Graphical issues at Daytona over time

I ran a few 10 laps races at Daytona in free play. At first it seemed fine but then I started to notice white areas in the distance where the graphics were not drawn yet as they came into view. as I continued to play the areas were larger and closer. Before long there was white sections directly in front of my car where the track should be and at its worst before I restarted I would see a white area, a solid black area and another solid white area all right in front of the car going into one of the corners. These areas crossed the entire track and stretched off for a ways on either side of the track.

I exited and restarted then everything was back to normal when I returned.

this seems to happen on any map randomly .

Happening on about 70% of courses In my testing. I stayed in one race with no course for a minute and the game crashed, now it will not load at all so be careful, could be game breaking.

This issue seems easy to reproduce at Daytona, possibly easier still at Indy and last night I saw it in career at homestead in the Nascar event.

Under the known issues there is a mention of lowering graphics settings to over come this but that does not appear to have any effect on the problem just downgrades the visuals.

I am running a 1050TI and no matter if the settings are all dynamic/recommended or if I go in and set a lot of them to low, med, off the problem still seems to appear in the same places after the same amount of time.

For example freshly started game, go to free play Daytona Oval, set to one hour and drive something fast in my test case an Indy car.
The first 30 minutes were fine.
35 minutes in and I started to see sections in the distance where they were not being drawn in time and briefly showing a white area. This was only minor at this point but once it starts continues to get worse as you continue to play.
45 minutes in the white areas are large and close even the track ahead is not being drawn in some places and will either be solid white or solid black.

On Indy I think the happens even faster. I have not did as much testing there but I am able to run 25 laps after a fresh game restart at the end of the race I can see the issue just begining.
I ran one 25 lap race on indy after having driven some other races elsewhere and the last 7 or 8 laps were almost impossible due to track not being drawn in time and not being able to see the track ahead entering at least one of the corners.

I had not saw this on other tracks until last night but when I got to the Nascar race at Homestead I cranked up the laps. by lap 38 large sections of the background were showing white patches and I exited the race. I knew there would be no way to finish the race before the game would crash from whatever this issue is.

Like I said I am using a 1050TI so my GPU should be just fine for whatever settings I want to use. My brother has a 1060 and is seeing the exact same thing at the same points in time. Both of us have reduced the graphics levels quite a bit to try and find a way to keep it going but none have had any effect on the issue at hand.

So far the only thing that seems to work is restart the game before begining any long race and limit the races length to under 45 minutes then restart again after the race.

Is there anything in the works to fix this?
Do you need more info?
Anything I should try on my end to help correct or pin point the problem?

I’ve found these issues at Rio, and Prague as well as VIR. Rip and Prague managed to do it on the second or 3rd lap, but VIR took about 11 laps or so.

I think it takes a lot of laps to trigger the issue but they do not have to be on the same track, In other words if you ran a few 5-10 races already in the current session then it might happen right away on any given track that follows.

i had been having this bug and made it 20/23 laps through the C7R endurance event when my computer had enough of it and crashed. I went back and re-did the event today with success but there does seem to be an issue with graphical issues and stability when having the game running for a long time in one session.