Mitsubishi is back in fh4

Maybe we get them in Motorsport 7 too. And maybe they can bring back the Hipermax Evo…

They already are in FM7 mate.


When and how can we get these? I didn’t see anything this morning

Around about 6.00pmish as we need the patch to download 1st

I prefer the EVO’s over the WRX so it’s a welcome gift.

But the garage limit should be increased. Car collecting shouldn’t be punished.

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Delighted to see them back, modern rally was a bit of a joke without them. Just need a bigger garage now so that I can actually buy them!

This is fantastic! Rally/off-road is not right without them.

I am a long time Mitsu fan (not currently due to their… well line-up)

I owned a 91 Galant VR-4, a 95 Eclipse GSX, and a 99 Eclipse GSX. So much fun!

I can’t find either update or Mitsubishi pack anywhere. What I’m doing wrong? Please help. Or when will be out this update and car pack? GMT+1 time please.

Look for the content update after 10am Pacific

(possibly 9am Pacific)

Alongside today’s content update, the Forza Horizon 4 Mitsubishi Car Pack is now available and it contains the following cars:

2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X GSR
2006 Mitsubishi Lancer IX MR
2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR
1999 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI GSR
1997 Mitsubishi GTO
1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX
1992 Mitsubishi Galant VR-4

While licensing issues have prevented Mitsubishi cars from being included in the base game, those issues have been resolved and this allows these cars to finally be made available in Forza Horizon 4.

This car pack is free for everyone so make sure to claim the car pack.

Literally unplayable because of the ridiculous garage limit.

Yes - lets cloud the good news with old bad news that already has a time table to be fixed /rolleyes


Or one that is remedied by cleaning out the garage…


I actually stumbled back here to see if the garage limit was upped or not. I’m at exactly 500 cars right now. Good to know that once I get 50 more (and then tune and drive all of them) it’s finally time to move on to the next game. Unless it is updated first. :slight_smile:

As for Mitsubishi; as a dedicated Subaru fanboi, I’m thrilled to have them back. Glad PG and T10 could work out the licensing issues.

Not literally unplayable at all

Delete some of your garbage common cars that always apoear in wheelspins or sit around and wait till the garage limit is increased which is coming soon…it’s your choice
But far from unplayable …


WOW!!! That is just a pathetic excuse for the game to be unplayable. Why do you even need that many cars?


It’s not even an excuse, it’s a straight-out lie. It is not a requirement of the game to own every single car, therefore it is not literally unplayable.


Releasing a game with 536 cars to start with, setting the garage limit to 550 is just very very bad planning.
Sure you can just delete cars, but it never was a problem in the past to get at least one of each cars.
There will be a fix soon, I just think it’s something the clearly overlooked.
No comment on Stang616, he’s defending everything T10 does, no matter how bad it is.


This again…

I do not defend everything T10 does, I have voiced my concerns as well, not that it matters for the sake of this argument.

To make a bold statement that the game is unplayable due to the garage limit, which is in fact not the case and easily remedied, is just looking for something to complain about.

The garage issue is being fixed, as you stated, probably in the next few weeks. So either a)clean out your garage of cars you don’t use for now, and get them later when the update is released or b) wait until the update is released to get the extra DLC, it’s not like its going to disappear once the update is released.