What's the deal with No Toyota, No Lexus & No Mitsubishi? It's really frustrating

First thing to mention is I know this is not T10 or PG’s fault, rather ignorant manufacturers with an older generation missing the point here…

But the real question is, why? I can understand their reasons for newer cars, like the GT86 for example, where they’d rather people buy the car to experience it instead of purchasing in-game to try it, but the point there missing here is most people don’t just buy a car to drive for a few days (I’ve heard this was a reasoning) which if true, it’s absolutely mental that they’re comparing real life to a video game, it’s night and day for gods sake.

To really give an idea for what we’re missing out on, here’s a small list of cars I’d personally buy in-game from all 3 manufacturers given the choice (I know some have never really been in any Forza, but all the same).


  • Supra TT6
  • Altezza
  • JZX100 Chaser
  • GT-Four Celica
  • Starlet
  • Supra 2019 & Race going version
  • TA27 Celica
  • 2000GT


  • LFA
  • RC-F
  • LC500
  • IS300


  • Evo 6
  • Evo 7, 8, 9
  • Evo 9 Wagon
  • Evo X
  • Eclipse

Now i’m not a massive fan of Subaru, and something that really annoys me is every rally I go into, is just Subaru, Subaru, god damn Subaru! It actually makes things quite boring and I just don’t get why they would pull out as well.

Please tell me I’m not the only one here?

What are your thoughts? And what cars will you miss?

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