Mitsubishi is back in fh4

Just saw a post confirming Mitsubishi is back in the game. We can buy the Evos and Eclipse. Available for download tomorrow Tuesday 1/15. What is everyone’s thoughts?


Great news!
And I expect them to add a new Mitsubishi in the future DLC.
Like a Pajero Evolution, Lancer 1600EX, Lancer Evolution 3, Lancer Evolution 4, and FTO. (not wish list)

First thought is I can’t even buy the cars I already have available because the garage won’t fit any more in!


Just get rid of some. Do you seriously drive every single car you have in your garage?


Cool! Looking forward to the Evo’s as the counterpart for the Subaru’s.
Still…I’m more of a Toyota and especially Lexus fan. I hope Toyota is going to make a comeback some day. FH4 needs the LFA, the Supras and Celicas and today’s premiere of the new Supra would be the perfect timing! Not going to happen obviously, but Mitsubishi’s return is a great news and well…here’s hoping!


Found it
What a surprise
And FREE for everyone too

Too bad I can’t buy any until they release an update to increase the garage limit, I already got rid of my duplicates there’s just not enough room for every car in game…

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Properly chuffed by this. I hope in the future they add proper Mitsubishi rally cars. Regardless I’m glad Mitsubishi has seen sense at last. I also think T10 and PGG should be acknowledged for working to get this sorted and that we will all be getting it for free so a massive thanks from me.


This is great

Whats there not to love about the Evo? I’ve been using the WRX but I very much prefer the Evo. Of course there will be some Evo/WRX wars

My thoughts: I am happy for everyone who wants these cars. Not a big deal for me one way or the other as I have rarely if ever used any Mitsubishi in any of the previous Forza games.

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Glad that Mitsubishi is back, and the pack’s free as well! I’m also glad that i can finally bring my Tommi Makinen Evo 6 designs over

Freakin’ ecstatic! Perfect timing too, I just broke my real life Evo and this is something that could take the edge off a bit while she’s down and I’m saving up to freakin fix it lol.

I’m curious to see what kind of power numbers they’ll be making and what kinda swaps will be available. Hope they’ve made some adjustments to the cars’ performance due to the late release. In FM7, the Evo IX Made impressive numbers on the stock motor but kinda sucked how there was no LS swap available for any Mitsu, but were available for the STI.

1200hp 4G63 (like ThatRacingChannel’s EvoIX) please! :slight_smile: lol.

Broke it how? How many miles on it?

Broke an intake valve spring and now the valve’s stuck open. She’s got 115k, started developing a random misfire while driving, usually on cold starts and when I’d hit close to peak boost in high gear below 3.5k, but it would go away and “fix itself” when I’d neutral rev it to around 4.5k, I guess the motor spinning so fast the spring would reseat itself and shut the valve. Then one day it just started misfiring and it never went away.

So now I’m just saving up in case I bent the valve, and if I have to upgrade the valve springs & retainers, might as well upgrade to GSC S2 cams (I’ve got HKS 264/272’s now) while I’m at it. :smiley: gonna likely upgrade to a Tomei catback too because the Fujitsubo RM01A I’ve got now I think is robbing a bit of the power, she only made 327 on a dynojet and I feel like I can get closer to the 400 range because I have an 05 that has the 10.5T housing the IX’s have.

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Sounds like a monster. I’m on my 2nd K20A myself. Blew my engine about 15 months ago with 225K on it. Honda or any engine probably wont hold up well over 200K. I should have broke it down and rebuilt it. Maybe when this one goes. 320 flywheel hp, I dont think i’d enjoy driving it if I added any more power. I barely get traction in 1st gear as it is. Hope you can salvage it before you need a new one

Great news. I loved playing with the Mitsubishi cars in the older games. Hopefully some skilled painters can replicate that HKS Time Attack Evo.

Welcome back, buddy :slight_smile:

As much of a Subaru fan as I am, Modern Rally was quite boring.

What time does the update come out???

best gift I could have received from Turn10 on my birthday day, keep up the great work guys !!