Mitsubishi did NOT pull out of Horizon 4

As the photo clearly shows, there is an Evo X in the game. There is also an Evo VII in the game. I guess Mitsubishi did not pull out of the Horizon 4 then?

They did. This screenshot if out of the gameplay that has been recorded on August 30th. Just think about it: Why in the world would PG say “Mitsubishi is not part of our game out launch due to licensing” when that´d not be true?


There’s nothing clearly shown by that blurry, pixelated postage stamp. Did you post a low res thumbnail by mistake?

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I did do that by mistake, yeah. I fixed it now.

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That photo could be from a earlier build while Playground Games was still trying to workout a deal with Mitsubishi , but for reasons unknown Mitsubishi pulled out at the last minute.

Edit: Sorry to repeat what someone else already stated. We must have been posting at the same time and I’m a slow at typing due to my disability

My thought process here was: why would Playground Games make Mitsubishi cars, if they don’t have the licences? They must have worked out a deal with them then and isn’t Mitsubishi contractually obliged to let PG do their thing and make the cars, since they paid big money for the licences?

Playground didn’t make new Mitsubishi Models, We haven’t gotten a new Mitsubishi in Forza since FM4, so FH4 would be reuseing the same models we’ve had for FM7, FH3, FM6, FH2, and FM5.


It’s not really T10 / Playground games fault that Mitsubishi hasn’t made any new relevant cars worthy of making a game model.


It´s the other way round: PG had the licence for Mitsubishi cars, but Mitsubishi decided at the very last minute not to be in the game. Like I said: The gameplay which features your screenshot was recorded on August 30th, around 2 weeks ago!
They can put literally every car in the world into their dev-version, yet if they want to release it they only can do it with licences.


That doesn’t necessarily mean Mitsubishi can’t back out at the last minute. I don’t know the legal details, so of course I can’t say for sure what went down. It is a fact though that the cars are ready for the game. They were even in the leaked list a while back. I believe they just can’t be used until an agreement can be made between PG/T10 and Mitsubishi.

The fact that PG/T10 says Mitsubishi isn’t included “at this time” leads me to believe that the developers were blindsided by this in a way, but that’s just my theory on the matter.

The models were probably ready ‘just in case’ they struck an agreement. I remember something similar around this time towards Forza 4’s release when T10 said they had the Porsche models ready to go, but no licencing to use them.

As a result, I wouldn’t rule out Mitsubishis car coming as DLC, but that depends entirely on if a licencing agreement can be struck.


“Hopefully” they come as a DLC, although that’ll cost money.

I’d love to have EVO and 3000GT/GTO.

I’m going to be really harsh but I honestly don’t care. Out of all the brand’s to go, Toyota and Mitsubishi would be the least I’d care about.

Mitsubishi haven’t made an interesting car since 2010.
Toyota make good cars like their SUV’s and hatches but honestly who wants to drive a Toyota Aygo in a Horizon game? As a starter car sure but apart from that no. Celica and Supra are cool. MR2 kills everyone.

Take away the Evo and Supras mainly and would anyone really care? I know there’s always fans out there but imagine if we lost a manufacturer like Ford, BMW, Audi.

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I would suggest adding the Triton but unfortunately it’s so down on power next to things such as the Colorado ZR2 that it’s worthless.

Toyota did have a few interesting cars, but, taking into account what was in FH3, I miss only the Supra MkIV, the Celica GT-Four and the LF-A. AE86 doesn’t rock my world and the game didn’t have a 2000GT.

Mitsubishi on the other hand really only has the Evos and perhaps the Eclipse GS-X. Their other cars are niche. They don’t have anything vintage worth mentioning and the GTO is a JDM so it doesn’t fit too well in the UK apart from being RHD.

Not the case with other manufacturers. The loss of Lamborghini in Test Drive Unlimited 2 was enough for me to pass on the game. TDU1 did not have BMW and I was disappointed with its absence, but that’s an exception.

The Mitsubishi GTO was sold in the UK as the 3000gt so would fit the theme, also we get a load of JDM cars as they are cheap to bring over and right hand drive.


Renault vehicles were in the footage leading up to the original Forza Horizon release, but they didn’t make it into the full game either. Nothing is confirmed until it’s confirmed - and it’s been confirmed that Mitsubishi isn’t at this party.

The major thing about this that bothers me is the fact it may jeapordise the Sega Rally throwback event that was spoken about a while ago. I was looking forward to that and can’t imagine it without the Celica.

what Sega Rally event are you talking about
wasn’t in the speculation/ expansion wishlist was it…if so not real, just a wish

The FTO (possibly as a comeback), GTO and Galant VR4 is all I wish for. But I would settle for the Galant only. I need my oldschool really sedan to compete against my also beloved Legacy RS.

It kinda sucks that the manufacturers pull out just because the don’t want people to see what great cars they made when compared to their current trash lineup.


I have Mitsubishis in FH2 and FH3. Since they have produced nothing of interest to me in years, I won’t miss them in FH4.

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