Who misses Toyota on horizon 4

Tell me your thoughts on this one.

There are so many cars in the game I don’t really notice. Not that many Toyotas that are any better than what we already have. People always seem to want what they don’t have. If they were in the game people would just leave them in the garage and probably never use them most of the time. Like when VW wasn’t in Forza, everyone freaked out but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone driving a VW more than a couple of times on the map. Human nature to complain about things you actually don’t care about.


I hope they come back like Mitsubishi did.

Yea but toyota do some decent cars.

Yes, but so do other manufacturers, personally i couldn’t care less if Toyota is in game or not.


I miss Toyota dearly. I used their cars the most, since the AE86 is my favorite car of all time (I’ve owned 6 in real life). I mostly drift, and they had many cars that were well suited for that, even in Lexus.

Everyone has there personal preference on what cars they like. The only reason why I made this post is to ask people what they think.

Some don’t but those who do can post here: Forza Horizon 4 Car Wishlists Thread

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