Messages that players received my gift cars seems to have stopped?

I gift several cars a day and last few days I have not received any messages that the cars were found by players? Another new bug perhaps? It was working fine at one point.

Because, many people dont open the gifts right away. I did stop opening gifts and traveling 15 miles every time a gift popup appears on my screen. And after that, i probably forget that i have a few gifts piling up in the msg center. People only send you crappy cars, that i automatically ditch lol. As in FH4 you have a limit of how many cars you can store, and its better to start early to avoid some cars you really dont like or are not very intersting.

Now, i dont know if you will receive a msg, in the moment the guy goes to the msg center to check. I dont think its the case, if they delete the msg without claiming the gift, you probably wont receive any messages.

the issue was there on day 1 and is still there today!

i have gifted over 200 cars and got 2 thank you messages, thats all!?

i keep getting gifted cars but, there is nothing added to my garage either
and the notification windows shows the gift received as being completed

I was in the middle of something when I received my last gift, and when I went to check it out, I couldn’t find anything about it. None of the barn find locations had the gift icon, so I have no idea where it is. I haven’t gotten one since. I’ve also gifted plenty of cars over the weeks, and I got thanks for the first couple of days and haven’t gotten any since.

Good to know. I thought it was just me. I’ll hold onto extra cars for now until it’s fixed.