Gifts never arrived?

Due to several reasons I wasn’t able to play the entirety of the event, and just today (01/16/22) one of my friends told me he sent me several cars as my secret Santa, but when I logged in I wasn’t able to find them, were they redeemed automatically? or my friend lost all of the Forzathon Points? Thanks in advance.

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Probably the latter unfortunately.
It was a gift box in Christmas themed village part.
But even tho you actually claimed it , car wasn’t added to garage. Even made a video of it .

My feeling is, it was FP sink, running on people kindness …

It was badly broken. I sent my friend 4 gift cars through the event. I saw the confirmation of being sent for all 4. He saw the delivery notices, smashed the presents in the square, got the notices that they were in his garage, but only the first one actually showed up in the garage. The other 3 disappeared.

I sent Forza bug reports for each one. They promptly “solved” all three bug reports. And by solved I mean did absolutely nothing. I didn’t get my FP back. My friend never got the cars. Either of those would have been the absolute minimum. As El Barto said, a total rip off.

That´s the way it went. After smashing the parcel present no car was put in the garage. Good idea - total failure.