Opt out of receiving gift cars?

Is there any way to opt out of receiving gift cars?

Ignore it. I don’t want any used cars in my garage.

After some time they don’t bother you at all. I have about one in a week.

Thanks, Turtle. Do they still remain in your barn indefinitely if you don’t claim them, or do they eventually expire (go away)?

I hoped they are gone. I think you have some time limit for them.

Pretty sure you can ignore it and let someone else claim the car. People love free stuff

Remove a gift? Yeah, sure. Right after they let us delete barn finds.

My biggest peeve about Horizon is being stuck with these cars as we apparently aren’t smart enough to decide to keep them or not.

I have been receiving a lot of gifts - typically a couple a day. Not sure if that is just how it is or i’m ‘lucky’. I got 3 Firebird GTAs in one hour. I have re-gifted a few gifts. Sold one on the Auction house but that made me feel dirty.

I also appreciate the gesture, but since I already have all the cars in the game, I would kindly send them to somebody else, who doesn’t have them, without having to claim them and resend them.

I don’t even have close to all of the cars in the game, but 90% of the gifts I’ve received, have been cars I’ve already got. Always gift them to “New Players”, as it’s less likely they’ll have them

Funny thing is I too getting gifts for new players as one can see from the notes given with that gifted cars. Got today a Lamborghini SV don’t know was it the Aventador or the Mucilago? The one with Liberty Walk body kit for sure. Have tuned it to S1 900 and sold it for 300 000 at the auction house, as I aready have two of them.

Last car I have gifted was a McLaren F1 GT right from a wheelspin - no thank you for that one…

One of the better cars for Rivals times and it’s worth a mint on auction site.

I am thinking we are all still considered new players. The gifts I get include the messages that you can choose to send along with your gift to new players. I have been playing since the first hour of early access and my accolade count is somewhere in the 650-700k range but it seems I am classified as new.

Well, I guess I’m one of those folks that could be sending cars your way. I’ve missed being able to gift cars, although it’s much better to make it more direct and less random. Like friends or club at least.

Two things I’ve seen. First, the times I’ve ignored the “so and so sent a gift” , mostly just forgetting to hit the map or to just go get it, it’s gone away and I’m assuming g it did just go elsewhere.

Secondly, the cars I gift are actually built and painted. They’re some of the cars I’ve used for seasonal or career races. I’ve gifted alot of really fast drag cars too. I enjoy gifting them.

I think only one car I’ve been gifted had a paintjob and most have been stuff I’d never drive. I either sell 'em or just remove them. I’ve gotten a couple cars I hadn’t bought yet so it’s worked out mostly.

I’d say if ya don’t want 'em, just ignore the message and don’t pick it up. I’m gonna keep doing it and maybe some actually dig some of the cars. If not, there’s the Auction House and regifting.


I wish people can’t gift cheat cars, I received one and now my farthest jump stat is 13505m and I don’t know which one it is.