Mclaren P1 Sound Update - Car Audio Fix

Hi Playground games & Turn 10.

First of all, so glad for the amazing job that you guys are doing with repeated hotfixes and constant updates. Please keep them coming!

Further elaborating on the title of the post, I believe that the Mclaren P1 had a different audio file pre-release, which was later changed to it’s current audio. Is it possible we can get that audio file on the P1 as the in game P1 audio is not very accurate currently. I feel like a sound mix update is in order. What I’m referring to is this: Forza Horizon 5 - McLaren P1 Sound Test - YouTube.
It would be greatly appreciated by several fans and players that I’ve spoken to and those who agree on this post as well.
The community supports the good work that you guys put in. Kudos PG team!