Sounds not Quite Worthy of Champions

So is anybody else not happy with the sounds of the cars? For instance, the McLaren P1 sounds like a cross plane V8 in real life, but in game it sounds like a flat plane V8 or a V10. Why? Does Turn 10 not listen to the cars in real life? I don’t know how difficult it is to replicate sounds, but it doesn’t satisfy me. Opinions?

which console version?

Both! The cars don’t sound like they do in real life IMHO.

I think we should just be glad the cars don’t sound like vacuum cleaners…



Like GT6

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There’s a few cars in the game that I wish had a louder and more aggressive exhaust tone when upgraded. The McLaren P1 is not one of these cars.

A lot i’ve found so far have great engine sounds! (Xbox One)

  • Ford transit stock sounds great, love that diesal engine
  • Hurracan obviously
  • Normally i don’t like it but the 2013 viper GTS sounds great! lovely exhaust reverb too
  • Renault Alphine sounds really nice too, good “old” feel and sound to it
  • Renault clio (despite having the sound engine as the cosworth which is a bit dissappointing) sounds pretty nice too, plus reminds me of my old car…

Most V8’s sounds great too and have lovely exhaust sputter sounds, even the V6’s and cars like the EVO X, the Boss 302 and Camaro SS have great audio too them

To be fair, some of the more badass powerful cars don’t sounds as great, such as the ferrari’s or the paganis or cars like that, but im not really interested in those, I prefer the more unique sounding cars.

Out of all the cars i’ve driving so far, Imprezas too, about 90% of them sound either “spot on” or “very very good”, some have even given me shivers of joy…5.1 sound helps a lot too as does turning the volume sliders down and keeping “car engine” volume highest.

Still…wish the CLIO and the Coswerth sounded different…because they do, very much so IRL. Patch to fix?! lol :D.

The P1 is the car I noticed most. They could even copy the Hennessey Venom’s sound and I would be happier.

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Stahp eet :stuck_out_tongue:

Tires need to squeal more loudly.

00 cobra r exhaust sounds come out the back yet it has sidepipes. makes no sound from the sides all from the rear. maybe they can patch that? forza 5 was same way

LOL i didnt notice that xD, the 360 version i know has got that right

Not dissapointed with any sounds