[XBOX 360] Engine Sounds Seem Quiet...Just me?

Does anyone else find that the engine sounds in the 360 version of the game are mixed too low? I have had to turn the music down to 20% so I can turn the volume up enough to hear the engines well - and then I have to deal with an annoyingly loud narrator. Would be nice to have separate sliders for effects to correct this.


Glad to see I’m not the only one who thinks the engine sounds are too low. With the radio turned off, the noise from the gravel is louder than the engine. I thought there was a setting or something but it looks like this is by design. Makes it hard to enjoy the game for me.

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Yip! Found the same issue, like th supra does not sound like a supra and online my “muscle” car sounds like a hybrid! We cant even go through fence that Xbox one can? Like seriously! You guys exspect us to pay quiet a bit for the game and we exspect good graphics, good cars and good races, but unfortunately i did not get what i payed for!!! I was seriously soooo excited for the game but then as soon as i played it, my excitement flew away! I’m soo dissapointed!!! Soo much effort into Xbox one, but if feels like it was a last minute thing for the Xbox 360! To be honest, Right now I seriously canot afford an Xbox one because of other things that are important in life, you guys better have good DLC’s for 360 otherwise you guys are going to get a bad name for yourselves!!!



Yes. It’s actually terrible and I hope it’ll be fixed, I wouldn’t think it’d be hard as it’s just an audio track mixing issue.

You really can’t hear the engine and it takes away every little bit of feel there is to the actual driving, and if you crank up your sound system to the point where you can actually hear the engine, then all those annoying bangs and kabooms will demolish your eardrums. It’s like watching the original Batman TV show.


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Yeah, Ive just bought the P1 and fully upgraded it and i can just about make out the sound of the engine

Good to know I am not alone. Hopefully a fix will be quick after the other major issues with the backend get sorted out.

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I can not hear the engines well enough to know when to shift. This is a real issue that is impacting game play. I have the music off and still can not hear my own engines sounds over the other engines being way too loud.

and also has any one else notice that when racing you could hear other cars engine from a far distance when you in first place … for some random reason i keep hear that ford fiesta when i have a lead ahead of him. but not only that has anyone else spotted random cars parked in random cities, such as the alfa romeo… i spotted a few cars just parked in the side of the rode. and when you run into them the start blinking as if the had a car alarm on… is that considered an easter egg on this game ? and last but not leases whats up with the hennyses going crazy everywhere ???w

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Bad news everyone!

I can assure you that Turn10 will not be offering an update to fix any of this!

Have a terrible day! - ’ from yours truly, a disgruntled FH2 360 owner’

Does anyone have a problem where when you change car online the sound doesent work of your car unless you go to a speed camera leaderboard or fastravell? anyone add me if you wanna play on 360 cRoNiCZz E1iTeZ :slight_smile: i record for youtube :slight_smile:

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How did you fix this issue? Please clarify what you said about the speed camera/ fast travel

So far I realy like the game on 360.

Only thing I don’t like are indeed the car sounds. My own car is way to quiet while the other cars in a race make lots of noise.
In a race I can’t even hear when to shift when there is a car behind me…

If they made an update wich allowed you to tune all the adio levels with a seperate slider for just your own cars engine noise, that would be perfect.