Audio mix on 360 version. Engine noise too quiet ?

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I’ve been enjoying the 360 version a lot. I’ve done a ton of races, bought loads of cars tried a variety of events. Hopefully my issue here won’t be bundled in with the complaints about fantasy issues.

I use in car view with a pair of Turtle Beach X41s and it seems like the car’s engine audio is too quiet. When racing in a pack the surrounding cars drown out the engine noise to the point where I am missing gear changes because I can’t hear the limiter being reached.

I’ve tried numerous camera views to determine if that would make a difference but to no avail. Obviously I’ve switched off the music but this has resulted in highlighting the mix of special effects such as the tones used for the skill multiplayer and the sound of passing stationary objects being noticeably loud.

I hope someone can advise me on a quick fix but I think it really needs a wee patch. I hope that a post release patch is included in the contract with the developers but won’t be surprised if their involvement ended the day the game shipped. Either way I’ll continue to enjoy the game until I upgrade to the XONE version.

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Most cars i have tryed so far are whisper quiet almost especially the Ford Transit Supervan, even with a racing exhaust , i can barely make out the sound of the engine. I ride Transits often, and i know that they are pretty noisy vans so . I have put the sound effects on 20 and the music off , and i still can not hear the engine that well , and the ai cars are much louder than your own car , and also the other sound effects are loud as well .
The engines in FH1 was also quiet , but not this quiet . I prefer the sounds in Forza 4 :slight_smile:

I have the same “problem” on 360. It’s unrealistic and breaks immersion. Who mixed the audio in this game? gg (sarcasm). The engine’s too quiet and every time I enter a garage that nagging lady is yelling in my ear.

Same here. My car very quiet, AI cars too loud. Menu sounds too loud. Sound very flat in general. I`m very disappointed with this game. Nothing like the 1st Horizon :frowning:

So it’s not just me? I was having a similar problem in my Alfa TZ2, quiet to where I was missing shifts, though I figured it was only because my build didn’t include the race exhuast - now it looks like that was just exacerbating a pre-existing condition…