Car volume

Hi guys and girls.

I only recently got Forza Horizon 2.

But noticed the volume of my cars are seriously soft, I can hear the revs of all the other cars louder than my own.
Is this normal in this game? or is it just me not too sure, but would really appreciate if someone could help me out here.

Have you tried messing with the settings in game?

IIRC I turned a few things down so I could hear certain cars and their beautiful notes.

Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do - I don’t know why PG has decided to keep the engine sounds somewhat mute in both Horizon games, especially one that looks and plays so beautifully.

Like the guy before me suggested, tone down other sound effects and tire sound effects, and crank up the volume, but then you won’t be able to hear other cars or reverb effects as good.

I just crank up my sound system, but after a while those “thunderbolt-like sound effects” get annoying before and after races.

I wish they’d address this once and for all - bring it up to FM level.