Market Paintjobs Not Saving to Cars

Got the digital download on XO. Have had the game 2 days, have a bunch of cars, but only half of the designs I’ve chosen from the design market have actually saved. The other half always default back to a random Horizon paintjob, usually immediately, but as of today the new paintjob lasted until I left the game and returned, only to discover the Horizon paintjob back on the car. Is this a known glitch at this time? I cannot find any other relevant topic on the H2 forum…

Are they not showing up on the car itself, or are they simply not showing up on the small “My Cars” graphic. There is a glitch where sometimes they do not show up on the “My Cars” visual, especially if gifted by Turn 10 or downloaded from the Marketplace (ie. not your own work) but they still appear on the car once you pull it out of the garage to drive.

They are actually not showing up on my cars even in the garage. I download and apply them just fine, but 9 times out of 10 they’re gone when I switch back over to the choose car menu. Keeping in mind that the 9x outta 10 is applied to 5 out of every 10 cars; this has been a noticeable and irritating bug from day 1.

I had a similar issue in FM5. Sometimes, quitting the game and clearing cache worked, but it would only let me download 1 design for a car which would then be replaced until I left that particular menu. I’m unsure how I resolved that, if I did at all, but it wouldn’t hurt to look through the General Discussion section in FM5 for help from past threads.

I’m experiencing a similar issue, with a few of my cars, too. The small My Cars graphic will show a plain yellow Huracan (for example), and in the larger graphic above, but when you actually leave the garage to drive it, it’s got a very different paintjob. I’ve bought replacement paintjobs for it, too - it looks fine in the garage, but the second it gets to the drivable road, it reverts to the same paintjob I’ve been trying to get rid of.

I bought a second Huracan, and that too had a similar issue. It had a different paintjob (but by the same artist, fwiw) which it always reverts to, once it gets out of the garage.

I’ll try to remember to make a vid clip of it, and post the link tomorrow. It’s bizarre.