Manual with clutch in Multiplayer?

Does anyone uses manual with clutch in MP, based on how awful it is?
I lose race mostly because of this ,rather than me being bad (difficulty at 4-5), because shifting is consistent and i lose speed at every gear shift

For those that dont know, this was their solution for “power shifting”… you need to depress accelerator, full press clutch, shift, fully depress clutch and then you can accelerate again, otherwise if you’re too fast it will stay in neutral for 1-2 seconds before shifting.

This is an issue even on paddle shift cars, because for some reason, street cars with paddle shifting need a clutch pressed to shift gears, because no one at T10 never drove a car with paddle shifts.
Also, you can listen how bad it is when the cinematic with the car leaving the pits/joining track, you can hear the rev to the max and then shift… in the cinematic

I also think it affects car launches with a wheel, using same care, same setting, same track/conditions, if i floor the acceleration at the start of the race…
*With controller it launches as it should you lift off a bit then shift, and keeps momentum and can keep up with the ret of the car
*With a wheel and manual shifting (without clutch), the car barely moves while revving to the max and when it finally decides to move, it barely move, get passed by 3-4 cars (no wheel spin)


I spent the last hour with my open palm aimed at the TV saying “Why the heck does it do that???”

Manual with clutch is terrible. Even if you nail the method and have the shortest time possible, you still lose momentum. Either you bang off the rev limiter for 2 seconds or it takes a full 2 seconds to shift.


You need to make full movement with each step when shifting, to shift properly, and you waste so much time. It’s the worst implementation of manual shifting I ever saw in a game. Drivers train to shift as fast as they can, and in this you need to be a slow as you can.

Even paddle shifting has issues, you still need to press the clutch for paddles if you have it on, launching at the start with a wheel is worse than a controller, on controller it seems that it has some launch assists, on wheel the car just dies

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Yeah it’s terrible I have always used M with C but this is terrible .

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This sounds absolutely terrible, does it do the same thing if say your drifting and need to change gear?

Sucks…so i just use manual with NO clutch…works better.

Yes, it’s so bad you can hear your car when it’s AI in the cinematic. When is that cinematic that it join the track in practice, hear how it hits the limiter, because it’s set to change gears fast, but it dosent take into account the stupid change

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one questioning what was going on. It’s terrible

Not only does the change make zero sense from a mechanical point of view, it also makes downshifting a total chore. Who seriously thought that adding an artificial timer to when the gear is changed was a sufficient solution? Why not instead deal clutch damage when you aren’t gentle on a low end clutch and damage if you release the clutch before the next gear is fully engaged?

It’s not that they nurfed powershifting, it’s that they do not understand how manual transmissions seem to work in the first place.

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It was perfectly fine

Yes, I am having this exact problem (albeit I am using clutch):