I can't manage to have a decent manual clutch

Hi all,

I play FM on XBox Series X with this setting :

  • Thrustmaster TX 458 Italia
  • Thrustmaster T3PA
  • Thrustmaster TH8A

I can’t shift gears smoothly, whether I’m upshifting or downshifting. The transmission always goes into neutral for a brief moment before engaging the gear, even though I’ve already depressed the clutch and selected the gear. Since it’s while a race I do it fastly. If I take the time to disengage the clutch, shift gears, and then engage the clutch again, it works fine.

I tried some settings in the FM settings, regarding the clutch pedal, but it changes nothing. On other games like FM7, Project Cars 2, Dirt,… I don’t have this behaviour

Is there a setting I could try to prevent thiis ?



I can’t either. I’m on console and the M+C setting is completely useless in any car without a transmission/clutch upgrade.

I’m sticking with manual for now. There’s no way to improve it without clutch/transmission upgrades.

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They wanted to nerf “power shifting” with manual w/clutch. So now we get granny shifting that is completely useless at any sort of competitive level.


If this is true, then it makes this game almost unplayable.
What is the point of having a clutch if you can’t shift when you want, im forever waiting for the gear to be accepted unless you shift extemely slowly.

Also, in cars with DSG for example like the Golf R, gear changes in that are incredibly slow.
Pretty disapointing.

Edit: it is much quicker with Race clutch and gearbox etc
But seems silly to have to work your way up and unlock the parts and do this for every car that isn’t a race car if you want to shift quicker than refular slow shifting.

cars with dual clutch/dsg set ups still should shift better than they currently do.


Yeah this seems mad to me, I’ve driven manuals all my life and can shift gear very quickly, the game seems to imply that manual gearboxes take a long time for the driver to find the gear which is mad as it’s a split-second movement, especially during a race!


The change to the clutch is super annoying. I don’t know why they felt the need to nerf it, it’s been that way since FM2 at least.

AFAIK, no one was complaining about it, so why change it?


Exactly. This is getting lame. They screw back the graphic settings because a series S could not handle it. They screw back functions because the ones who don’t want to spent lot’s of money on a setup would not win. And the people who spend the money on all that gear are screwed. That’s the sad reality today.

They need to make a decision before they start making a game instead of choosing the sales numbers. Either it’s ok to release on all systems or they only release it on systems that are capable of running it all on medium, high or ultra with no restrictions.

The Series S needs to be banned :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is a problem for me too. Since when does a Mclaren F1 have rev hang? In every gear? At WOT? :rofl:

Same for me, this part is infuriating. I hate to keep saying Horizon 5 is a better driving game (Horizon 4 had a better map) but it really is. How did they take so many years to give us this much of a worse product.

I’ve also been driving manuals all my life and I just don’t understand how they didn’t have any CAR PEOPLE working on a CAR GAME.

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For those that dont know, this was their solution for “power shifting”… you need to depress accelerator, full press clutch, shift, fully depress clutch and then you can accelerate again, otherwise if you’re too fast it will stay in neutral for 1-2 seconds before shifting.

This is an issue even on paddle shift cars, because for some reason, street cars with paddle shifting need a clutch pressed to shift gears, because no one at T10 never drove a car with paddle shifts.
Also, you can listen how bad it is when the cinematic with the car leaving the pits/joining track, you can hear the rev to the max and then shift… in the cinematic

I also think it affects car launches with a wheel, using same care, same setting, same track/conditions, if i floor the acceleration at the start of the race…
*With controller it launches as it should you lift off a bit then shift, and keeps momentum and can keep up with the ret of the car
*With a wheel and manual shifting (without clutch), the car barely moves while revving to the max and when it finally decides to move, it barely move, get passed by 3-4 cars (no wheel spin)

I have the exact same problem on my Fanatec wheel and pedals. It’s really terrible in my experience.

i was playing Dirt 2.0 before the lauch of FM8 and expected that Dirt’s approach to Manuals was the standard by now. In Dirt 2.0 it detects if the car is a Sequential or a H-pattern, which also enabels / disabels the need for clutch-usage for a Sequential.

Sad to realise that FM8 doens’t do this, which has me go into the menu to change the Manual with Clutch to Manual whenever i drive a paddle-shift car.

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I requested an update of the golf 8r manual from DSG. since the car is nerfed and the dsg accelerates much more apart from not losing time between changes

Pay attention to the numbers and the neutral indication. If you see a number, then it is Ok to release the clutch. If you see the “N” and you release the clutch, you’re going to miss-shift. I haven’t tried releasing the clutch while the N is on screen and completing the release when the number appears, but I believe this will also cause a miss-shift.

Also depending on the health of your transmission, the duration of how long the “N” will remain on screen will increase. A car without any transmission damage in telemetry will shift faster than a car with 1.5% or 2.0% ect… So if you are messing up while shifting, you will be making the problem worse as the race/lap goes on.

Get use to the timing of the number, to “N” to number timing. Getting this down will greatly help with manual driving. Upshifts are easier to get, but mastering the timing while down shifting is critical. This is where the majority of my transmission damage comes from, because I am use to using the engine to aide in slowing the car… Which I am trying to unlearn but, that is a different topic.