Made the switch, Controller to Wheel. Help! Xbox One Series X/Log G923 wheel

I been playing racing games, with a controller for 25+ years. I mostly like to drift. Have countless hours play time put into every forza game, as well as all the other racing games over the years. In real life, I consider myself to be a good driver, been told I’m a wicked driver. This wheel is kickin’ my ass.

Its a G923 wheel, been on it non stop for a couple days now. My goal is to drift, once I get the racing down. I know its not going to be just like a real car, but I can’t stop from losing control. I’ve been racing with AWD, and it don’t matter the speed, but the second I start to lose traction, its all over. Even the littlest slip of the wheels. Once the FFB kicks in, if I hold the wheel or let go, I can never manage to keep it under control. Don’t matter much which class car I’m in.

I’ve been trying on all kinds of cars and classes, but sticking with low A class and below while I get used to it, or try to. I understand how speed, throttle/break modulation, and tune can all effect it. I have simulation steering, most settings are stock. +/- .1 at most. Traction/Stability off.

Watched videos, read tutorials, used different advanced settings, messed with them myself. Anyone got any tips, practice techniques, I’ll take anything. I really want to get this going nice how I see people on youtube.

Another quick question, I tune my own cars, always have. My drift tunes don’t have any of those crazy and weird things some people do. I try to keep it real life as much as I can. All the drift parts, tires, etc… HP is ~750-1000. In theory, should a tune on a controller work, for the most part, on a wheel also.?


I can’t help you with drifting advice - what I will say is the transition from controller is hard. A lot harder than you would think, we’re used to all the little invisible aids the controller/ game has built in and this is often frustrating when you suddenly spear off in to the woods on a corner exit.

I find it most notable when driving rear wheel drive cars - which is why I wouldn’t personally try and drift with my wheel. There are some very knowledgeable forum members that do drift with a wheel like Blue028 and they may be able to steer you in the right direction.

I did set a rivals time well in to the top 100 in D class on my wheel this morning, so with some practice you can definitely use it - I’m just more of a rivals time guy than a drift guy

I have used a wheel since FH3 and always struggle to drift with it but can drift ok on the controller. They seem to have removed (or renamed) the ability to set the wheel rotation angle which I had to do to get anywhere drifting using the wheel…

I race with Wheel but do most skills and drifting with the controller…

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I think the biggest learning curve when switching from controller to wheel is the fact you can’t go from full lock to full lock with just a couple centimetres of finger movement.

Catching slides is a lot easier on controller as you can full lock left for example almost instantly and then ease off as required to hold the slide.

When I first got my G29 during the Horizon 3 days I immediately turned the force feedback off as I thought the weightlessness would help me drift better. It didn’t. Drifting is mostly just throttle control and abusing the fact that the wheels want to always be facing the same direction the car’s inertia is. this makes the force feedback critical.

If you watch CToretto and Gtoofast you can see just how much they just ‘catch’ the wheel travelling by itself due to the force feedback.

It’s taken me 2 Horizon games to “master” driving with the wheel, and even then I can’t drift as well as controller, just hold slides when coming out of corners for the most part.

When I say master I mean I can control most vehicles when using my wheel and competently win against relatively high AI without abusing rewind. Drifting smoothly and constantly is still over my head but I’ve dipped my feet and have gotten significantly better in the last couple years.

I only really use my wheel for cruising or singleplayer racing - occasionally use it online when we’ve already won the first 2 races of the trial or when my controller dies/disconnects.

My advice would be to lower the degrees of rotation of the wheel to something like 540° - 720° so you don’t have to turn the wheel as much to catch slides.

edit: Looks like they’ve removed the slider to adjust this which is a really pain in the backside.

Also understanding how important the throttle is, just like in real life is crucial - once you feel the car sliding out or losing traction, ease off the throttle to about 30% or so and try regaining control.

I don’t know how much simracing experience you have, but diving into Assetto Corsa Competizione and Project Cars 2 has really improved my usage and understanding of my wheel and how to control vehicles with it.

And about the tunes, I’m no expert in Horizon tuning but I don’t think they’d affect the vehicles characteristics between controller and wheel otherwise you’d see tunes catered towards controller or wheel players and that would be stipulated in the name/description of the tunes.

I only have 5 settings not at stock ,and i like how it is, but i’m sure others will find it awful.But if you want to give it a try :-

All set to stock value except
Steering axis deadzone outside:40 (stock100)
Vibration Scale 0.3 (0.5)
Wheel Damper Scale 1.2 (1.0)
Mechanical Trail scale 1.1 (1.0)
Off Road Scale .5 (1.0)

I,m not sure but i’d guess ‘steering axis deadzone outside’ does the same job that rotation used to do,as its the only setting i’ve altered by a lot.
It took me months to learn how to drift with a wheel on FH4,as stated above its mostly throttle control,and ‘quick’ steering. I used to have 2 mappings,one for driving,one for drifting; but now i’ve got used to the drift settings when driving too, so stick with one.
Also i found it easier to learn with manual gearchange,but this is a pain in fh5 as on my xbox one s/g923 setup you have to reboot each time you swap between manual and auto

Some great info… thanks a lot. Well I can say I must be getting a little better because I just managed to actually complete a race and only used rewind maybe 6 times. Usually its 60. I been playing racers for years, but forza has been my main go to game. I was expecting a steep learning curve with the wheel. I am not giving up, I will tune and test every car in the game if I got too.

For now, I’m keeping the drifting on controller. Actually since driving with the wheel on SIM steering, I now keep it on SIM for controller, and my drifting has improved. Usually I have no problem finishing in top 3ish, but yesterday I was winning a lot more with SIm controls.

Assetto Corsa was just on sale, and I did get it. I didn’t know there was a second one until after I had that one bought. I have Project cars also. The comments for Assetto Corsa Competizione, and Project Cars 2/3 all say they suck. I was going to pick up the AC Competizione if it is good for learning the wheel.

PentEd1231 I was thinking the exact same thing about the outside deadzone. If the wheel is 900 degrees, I can do the math and work out the % for 360/720 degrees. Increase it over time. Your other settings are exactly what I have set already. I use manual without clutch right now, haven’t used auto in years. I’m going the week and getting a shifter and start using clutch.

BugattiBreno I’m going to check out those guys you mentioned. Thx. I was also figuring the same about the tunes, if wheel made a difference people would say so on their tunes.

Now if they would only hurry up and get the next Forza Motorsports released.

Just be aware if you go for the logitech shifter you are stuck with 6 gears,a lot of the cars ,esp the faster ones,have more than 6 gears. Doesnt bother me too much,as anything S1 or above i tend to stick to auto anyway,as i’m too old and it gets too hectic :slight_smile:

Oh yeah didn’t even think about that. I’m not to concerned tho, cause 98% of the time I change it too 6 spd. Its tricky sometimes if you need change gears with the paddles and the wheel is turning. I’m assuming the shifter from the 920 should be the same for the 923.