Lotus Elise R3 Grip tune

Hello forza lovers,
I just build the 2005 lotus elise S111 in R3 spec. looking for a Grip Tune. i cant seem to get grip on it. Using MSF wireless wheel FFB
my tune
Air 28/28.5
Camber -.9/-.9
Toe .1/-.1
caster 5.5
anti roll 23/20
springs 500/540
ride height low
rebound 6.9/7.7
bump 5/6
aero 85/165
brakeF45 140%
Diff 25/35

Not sure if that car is suited to R3. What class did it start in. Normally you shouldn’t go more than two classes above, though that’s not to say it can’t be done.

Your numbers don’t look that bad. I would definitely try lowering your anti-roll bars. They look too stiff to me. I would also lower the Deccel on the diff. A high deccel setting can cause problems on turn in.

I think it started in C…

Can’t remember exactly in forza 4 but I don’t think you can really do a “grip” tune in r3. This car just requires you to be very nice to the throttle. The car can be used in r3 but it won’t be something easy to drive.

sorry I mean Like a good Tune for excellent turning. I got my 05 NSX pretty good. Tsukuba full track in S class 699 I run min flat. but this elise is so small and its got like 700 HP I cant get it to ster turn in tons
of O.S.

R3 is just too high a class for it. It’s tricky even in S and even though the Elise can be a leaderboard car in that class, even a ‘good’ one can be a pain in the derriere to drive.

does anyone have a good S class tune for it? plz pm or post it.

Message LMR Harmonic, he should have a few decent ones.

I cannot find him or how to msg?