458 Italia Time Attack Build

Hey guys I have spent most of day trying to build a well balanced R3 Time attack car. Earlier I was working on the 05 NSX-R but like someone said moving it up to the R3 class is too much and even w a good setup really hard control. So I got in the 458 2010. Please provide feedback and changes to tune. Made it a R3 class here is build sheet and my Tune. ABS OFF, TC ON, SC OFF Manual shift no clutch
Engine all max
Suspension weight all max
Drivetrain MAX
Tire Race comp/front width stock/rear width MAX/Dymag rims/F Rim size stock/Rear Max
Aero Forza adj
Conversions-ONLY twin turbo setup
AIR 28.5/29
FD 4.10-2.89-1.99-1.51-1.20-1.00-0.85
camber -1.1/-0.9
TOE 0.2/-0.2
Caster 5.5
ARB 9.60/11.60
Springs 344/435
Height Low
Rebound 7/8 BUMP 3.8/4.3
AERO 167/270
BRAKING 43/145
DIFF 17/32

I just ran a 7:45 2nd lap however a dirty lap but fastest time ever for me on Ring. If I have better setup I could possibly run faster.

I think i have a tune for this car on my SF , your welcome to try it out . Its well balanced . If its not on my SF i will upload one tomorrow afternoon GMT

I ran your setup for a few laps . Its damn quick . I did a very scrappy 7:40 with about 5 secs spent on the grass at various high speed corners . I would max out the tyre widths and set aero to max as well . It will lose time on the straights for sure but will gain more back in the corners . Over all , a nice tune , well behaved , when i can keep it on the track , but thats my driving and not the tunes fault . I uploaded my tune , it doesnt have the turbo upgrade but i could get a dirty 7:32 out of it . Give it a try and see what you think . . ,

thank u. how do I find ur tune?sorry I have been playing forza long time, but not online. I already beat the game in Hard mode, now I am doing all my races in professional mode.

Go to my storefront and download it from there .

I tried it the first time and it understeered a bit, such that I had to let off more in some high speed momentum sections. I did the engine swap and put that on, plus some parts, and full tyre widths and aero and the car drove much better. I got down to a 7:11 in it that way, a good 12 seconds up.

In these classes up to here and maybe R2, the build is key and don’t be afraid to chop and change parts, eventually you’ll start to understand what parts are more helpful than others. As it goes, I stay away from cams for instance.

Nice, so stayed in the R3 correct. I thought if I have widest tires rear, and normal width on front it turns in sharper/quicker. As far as AERO u went with MAX on F/R? I will try with the motor swap, and remove cams. what did u think about the Gear Ratio? also how about the Rebound/Bump settings.

The car does have quite skinny front tyres naturally, so even at max widths it’s still average. As such, the car itself doesn’t quite bite or hold and will try to plow. Your spring settings were good, I softened the bump as for hot laps (where no damage is on) you can run low or even no bump which seems to work (Forza physics eh). The main thing about that car is getting the build right. It had ample power and enough top end, its lower drag coefficient helping too. And you could see with voldemortt’s Subaru (which is a leaderboard car on tiny twisty tracks or fast downforce momentum ones) that you can adapt that for the Ring and get a good result out of it!

If you’d like I could show you a couple of joke cars I did in R3 which turned out to be not so much of a joke!

yes please, show me joker cars… At monent I am having Membership issues with Xbox long story but I will be back on line in a week as far as DL content and tunes.

I’m having sign in issues currently so it’s a lottery when I can get on myself! If you send me a friend request I could sort you out with plenty of cars.

thank you sorry for delay, I have been playing Project Cars for last for few days, but coming to Forza today