Lost progrress

i have lost all my progress in fh5 i have had over 500h of gameplay around 20M credits most of the seasonal cars and i come back to find i have to restart the game all over again… deleted and installing didnt fix re syncing didnt fix xbox support did not help either the forza support is broken when trying to sign in it just redirects me to forza.net for some stupid reason someone please help me fix this issue or someone give my cars n stuff back

Did you uninstall the game?

Have you tried restarting the game before that?

yes i have done both uninstalled and re installed and also deleted my data n cashe to re sync
and still no avail

Please try checking the support article for lost saves and putting a ticket in with the support team so they can look into sending back your lost inventory. There’s a link to open a ticket at the bottom of the page.
I’ve lost all my progress, what do I do? – Forza Support (forzamotorsport.net)

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i have tried to do a supprt ticket every time i do sign in it re directs me to the forza.net page so when i do go back to the support page i have to sign in again and the same thing repeats itself over and over and i can never be signed in on the support page

What if you refresh the page?

nothing still says “sign in”

i have tried mobile opra gx edge opra on phone safari chrome on phone no avail

Try to login here MyForza or on microsoft page then go back

already have tried as son as i click onto the help page it will redirect me to forza.net and i have to click support agazin and sign in again is a never ending loop

deos forza have aphone number i can call because nothing is working still…