Loss of progress after game crash

I recently tried to do the expansion for extra progress for the Agera, I played through ALL of the campaign and did everything to unlock the ability to be able to do the forza playlist challenges.

Once I completed the Campaign and did the Forza playlist championship with the B Class Lancia and the speed zone in the C-Class Escort I went back to Mexico and played for like an hour and then as I was working on my Zenvo the game crashed.

Once it restarted I was back in the Rally Expansion back in the Audi S1 which I was using to complete the Reapers campaign and when I went outside to check I lost a ton of progress, I was midway through the Reapers campaign now, and all of the tunes I made and cars I had received were gone and so was the festival playlist progress which was the entire point of slogging through that in the first place.

I still have the achievements from completing everything but in game it’s not complete anymore because the game did not save for at least 3-5 hours.

If my progress can’t be restored, PLEASE add a manual save option and please try to fix the autosave randomly either turning off or corrupting recent save data which ever is the case!

i open a ticket on support, because im having problem with saving, crash and accessing cars/tunes/paints.
Heres my support mensage see if have some similarity with your problem:
when i try to acess tunes, paints and cars. it appears the game doesn’t load right, and take +5min
to load it, see attachment, if press xbox button when its loading, the game crash.
things to consider.
-others aspects of the game its working as should be.

  • on forza motorsport, this is not happening.
    -clean the cache of the system, solve the problem for 1 day, on the 2nd day the problem come back.
    -uninstalled and reinstalled the game, the problem continue.
    -uninstalled and reinstalled the game and move to WD C50 memory expansion card, the problem continue.
    -it started after i transfer an paint fh5>FM dont know if its releated.
    -the save icon next to speedometer take more time do disappear when its on “error state”

No the game is just unstable in general for me, it’s not a matter of if but WHEN it’s gonna crash. Most of the time now it crashes before I can even fully load into the game or exit the garage. But now after this seasonal update the crashes are causing me to even lose progress which is not okay.