Logitech G920

Just a quick heads up for anyone in the UK waiting for the release of this wheel, PCworld are currently selling the the wheel for £245. I ordered mine yesterday with not much hope of it turning up, but it has just turned up on my doorstep!

Not sure if it has been released early, or PCworld have made a bit of a mess up, but I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere else.

Link to PCworld

Niiiiice. Wondering if I order it, will i recieve it here in the States? Also need a new PlaySeat. Maybe a Fanatec gated Shifter too.

I had mine delivered in Australia on Friday! Still getting used to it. The brake pedal is very stiff, is pushing me back off my chair !

Same problem here, I find that using my left foot to brake helps. The progressive feel is pretty nice

I agree, the brake pedal is very stiff. I tried to make adjustments for deceleration deadzone. Another thing is, the wheel not being recognized in devices and accessories in settings.

Try dropping the outside deadzone - I have mine on 60% at the moment which shortens the pedal travel required to engage full brake and allows me to threshold brake (as the pedal’s resistance is close to that of an actual brake).

Ah. Someone else has already suggested it. Works though, love the brake on these pedals.

SWEEEEEET. Thanks for this dude.

Tell us how it is Moustache :slight_smile:

Why a clutch pedal with paddles?


When you change gear you need to use the clutch.

Except real cars with paddle only don’t have a clutch pedal…

Because it has an optional shifter…

The day others use their brains will be a good day for Forza and the world haha

The wheel feels really nice, the feedback could be a little stronger, but over all I’m happy. The build quality is super and the wheel & pedals both have nice weight to them. My only gripe is like other have said, the brake pedal is ridiculously hard! I mean you only get about a quarter braking pressure before you have to really stamp on the pedal to even get half!. I’m hoping it’ll loosen up with a bit more use because it makes trying to heel and toe downshift really, really awkward and hard to do.

mine is being delivered tomorrow together with the playseat and the shifting equipment. Am a Little bit angry about all that braking problems… but let´s see

I think I will have to pick one of these up, as I miss having an X1 compatible wheel. Lukily, if I find the brake too hard, I can just swap out my G27 pedals.

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Will you share your thoughts on the wheel here? I look forward to seeing what you think of the wheel.

If it is anything like the G27 I currently own, then it will be a cracking wheel. But I will be posting up my thoughts on the wheel, and also comparing it to the TX wheel. So I will be loading up FM5 also, since it was FM5 I played with the TX wheel after all.

Hey all I got mine tonight. Go to settings for the wheel in forza 6 then advanced and change deceleration outside deadzone to around 55. I find that a good mix where you need to be firm and you’re getting the max braking performance without locking up. If you really step on the brake it will lock up. Try it out.

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That helps out a lot! Gets about half pressure before the pedal goes super stiff. Think I might mess about with brake pressures as well till I find out a sweet spot.