Looks like the G920 is finally here

I’ve had no communication from Logitech at all, but UPS just emailed me to say they are delivering a parcel from Logitech on the 8th September and the only thing I have on order from them is the G920!

Just checked the Logitech site also and it has changed from pre-order to order.

Cannot wait to try this out! Just in time for Forza 6!

I have an old Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S wheel & clubsport pedals V1 at the moment on X360 and FM5 and FH2 are great but it is not the same on the controller!
Here’s hoping for an adaptor to use my clubsport pedals on the G920.

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I coincidentally happened to be shopping for a wheel yesterday when I saw the G920 listed online at a local electronics store - so I ordered it and it’s in the post. Yeehaw! I also ordered a Hyperdrive Dominator which is a dedicated driving rig manufactured here in Australia.

This will be my first experience with a dedicated sim rig, and I’m looking forward to trying it out - I’ve just got some holes to drill which won’t be a problem.

This is awesome! I didn’t think that they were coming out until next month. Can you PLEASE do a review on this gear & how you like it with FM 6? This is the set-up that I have my eyes on and like yourself, I’m hoping for an adapter that’ll allow us to use our Clubsport pedals.

I picked up mine last week in Australia- created a video of me using it with my DIY rig on Forza 6 - Logitech G920 Wheel With $75 DIY Racing Chair and Forza 6 Demo - YouTube

So good!

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Thanks for posting that video! It looks like you’ve made yourself a practical rig for a reasonable amount of cash. I could tell that you liked the force-feedback based on your comments and the way I saw you responding to it while driving. One thing that concerns me a bit though… what was that loud “clicking” that occurred sporadically while you were driving? I thought at first it was the paddle shifter, but paddle shifters aren’t anywhere near that loud, then I could see both hands free when it occurred, so I ruled that out. Please tell me that’s not the helical gears that I’m hearing do that!? I would think that would get annoying after a while…

I think the sound is from the pedals. I’m a bit rough with them.

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Okay, I couldn’t see how you were braking… I’m a left foot braker. and your left foot was slightly in view in your video, but it looked to be at rest… If you’re right foot braking and coming off the accelerator and quickly getting on the brake, that would explain a lot of what I was hearing.

However, I did see this review of the PS4 counterpart of this wheel, the G29, on You Tube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPLERiLolz4, which at ~5:30 into the video, highlighted the “clanking” noise associated with helical gear activation that I’m worried about. Are you hearing anything that sounds even remotely like that when you drive? I’m just wondering if he boosted the gain in his mic setting to make it sound a little extreme?

That loud noise was him releasing his foot off the pedals. Releasing your foot of the brake is the loudest as it has the most force pushing back up. I always play with my headphones on so i dont hear it.

Yeah, I picked that up from tomski in his reply, but did you happen to watch the video I linked to the G29 review, between the 5:30 and 6:10 mark in the video? It looked to me like the reviewer was just trying to highlight the clicking noise coming from the helical gears. I could deal with the foot pedal noise because as a left foot braker, I don’t make a lot of noise with them as I play.

oh yea, i just watched the video now and that clicking noise is horrible. I dont remember hearing that on my G27 wheel, hes maybe got some things enabled that i have disabled when it comes to force feedback, like “centering spring” maybe. It does sound like his mic is turned all the way up aswell.

Hey guys,

I was wondering if one of you could help me, i have the G27 wheel which is basically the same as the G29 except its for the PC. What im trying to find out is if i stream Forza 6 to my PC with windows 10, will i then be able to use my G27 to play the game. I dont want to buy the game before i know this because i dont enjoy driving games with a pad and i suck :smiley:

If any one with a G29 has a spare 10 minutes could you test this out for me? Basically if u have a laptop or pc running windows 10 connect your wheel to that then start a game stream and just test if it work, you dont have to spend time playing it, just to see if the pedals and wheel works.

If you cant do this no worries, thx anyway, ill keep checking google for an answer in the mean time.


The G920 is awesome,

As I’ve posted elsewhere I’ll be doing a live feed on Twitch tonight from 8pm BST for anyone who’s interested in watching it in action

GamerRacer Elite Driving Simulator
Logitech G920
Logitech Driving Force Shifter
Forza Motorsport 6 Ultimate Edition

Pete, you did a fantastic job with this Twitch stream… truly one of the most informative streams I’ve watched in sim racing. I came into it with a lot of questions about the Logitech G920, and you not only answered them, but you demonstrated how the wheel sounds and looks in given situations. It’s a shame you couldn’t have recorded that stream because it would be a valuable archive.

When you took the Lotus 49 out in the rain at Brands Hatch, I knew you were a man’s man! I love how much of the car handling Forza 5 allowed me to feel in that car, and I can only imagine how much better it will be with a quality force-feedback steering wheel, and the upgraded physics of Forza 6… think I’ll start with a dry track though :wink:

Anyone with doubts about this wheel, as it applies to Forza 6 at least, needs to watch this archive. Logitech owes him a 10% commission fee for the sale of one wheel in my case!

I’m watching this live right now… the G920 certainly seems to be up to the task here… WOW!

Seeing as how you have a Logitech G920, I’ll be in there like swimwear! Thanks!

19 hours later, I am watching some of the stream.

If the link works… Twitch

Looks like the wheel is pretty good. I had some concerns about the resolution on the pedals. Pete addressed those concerns.

Now is the pedals compatible with some of the mods available for the G27? Wondering about the TSS, The Perfect Pedal or the Ricmotech brake mods. I am sure someone will open the pedals up and install any one of those mods before I make the purchase.

I think Logitech fixed the brake so that it doesn’t need the mod. Check out this vid from Inside Sim Racing where Darin and John talk about the G27 mod.

At 1:55 the guys compare the G27 with the G29 which is the PS4 version of the series but which is virtually identical to the G920.

Anyone chance you can add the video to YouTube? I can’t get the twitch link to play.