G920 + wheel stand pro ordered

I’ve just ordered the G920 (with the £55 saving from PCWorld) which almost paid for the Wheel Stand Pro I also ordered. Due to arrive on Monday and Tuesday respectively so will post a review from a noob later this week. Looking forward to FM6 on Friday.

Link to G920 and code (G92055) http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/computing-accessories/computer-accessories/game-controllers-and-joysticks/logitech-driving-force-g920-racing-wheel-black-10136487-pdt.html

Good stuff. Really liked the Wheel Stand Pro. It’s a good solid product.

Reviews are coming in for the G920 - no significant improvement over previous wheels, just a good solid wheel. I would really like the TX but need this wheel to last 3 years+ Getting to grips with the latest Xbox One steering wheels | Ars Technica

Thats the reasoning behind myself getting the logitech. It might not be cutting edge but this will outlive the xbox one if the previous models are anything to go by.
The thrustmaster wheels aren’t exactly known for reliability.

Now if PC world would hurry up with my delivery!

Should be here in less than an hour - Wheel Stand Pro may also make a surprise appearance. This is a good video from a new tuber who also did an unboxing… Forza 6 + G920 #1 - This is NOT easy - YouTube

I made a frame for my G920. Logitech G920 Wheel With $75 DIY Racing Chair and Forza 6 Demo - YouTube

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I wish I could do the same but my time (more importantly skills) are lacking. You need the stubby holder. Awesome rig and awesome video - i’ve subscribed if you plan to do any more.

Everything has arrived and I am impressed. Wheel worked out of the box and the immersion in Forza is now amazing. I’m on a steep learning curve as the wheel I had was for my Sega Saturn and Sega Rally but my times are gradually getting quicker. The wheel stand pro is awesome too - I was concerned by the 3-pedal setup and the central pole but everything works and it folds nicely for easy storage. Still not braving the clutch but it won’t be an issue. I am 6" 5 and clearance is fine.

I had to make a few adjustments in Forza 5 (assume the same in 6 on Friday) as the brake pedal is too tough (apologies to anyone I was racing last night and rear-shunted).

I adjusted the following from default which has given me a nice balanced car.

Steering Axis Deadzone Inside : 1
Deceleration Axis Deadzone Outside : 65
Wheel Rotation Angle : 600

Works for me on S-class but may require further tuning.

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