Logitech G920

I have a (worthless for Xbone 1) Fanatec CSR Elite with Clubsport pedals. Do any of you know if the Clubsports will be compatible with the upcoming G920 wheel? I cannot use this controller any longer to race with.

Unless there is an adapter on the market to allow you to use the pedals with the G920, I’d say no.

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You can buy this adapter for the TX wheel which will soon be available as just a wheel base.

I just pulled the trigger a Xbox one with FM6 and I have a CSR with CSR elite pedals so eventually I will get the TX base and adapter.

Thank you for the suggestion but after reading of the numerous problems that people are having with Thrustmaster wheels on this forum and from Amazon’s Verified Purchasers, I can’t bring myself to put out that much money only to have a high likelihood of being disappointed. I guess I’ll be stuck with the G920 & the pedals that it comes with - which are said to be improved. Hopefully, an adapter will be made that will enable the Clubsports that work.

I know what your saying Logitech wheels are very reliable I have owned two of them. I was going that route until they announced the TX base, its the cheapest option for me and I like the way I have my pedals inverted on my rig so I will be able to leave them as is this way. I figured I will give Thrustmaster a chance, but nothing is set in stone.

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do you have the G920, any thoughts about it?

it will be available in October,its not out yet.

Look what I just picked up from JB Hi-Fi in Australia (they tried to tell me it wasn’t out yet… until I pointed to a pile of boxes out in plain sight!).

Will be trying in the Forza 6 demo shortly.


Initial thoughts.

Brake pedal is extremely hard. Me pressing a comfortable amount only gets <10% brake force. The other 90%+ is in the tiniest bit of travel, and even bracing myself (pulling the clutch pedal back with my left foot) only gets me up to 50-60% if I’m actually trying to race. Hopefully there’s a way to soften the spring for a more gradual pressure increase.

Missed a few downshifts… not sure if I just didn’t pull the paddle hard enough, but it did register every time I was paying attention.

First race in the Audi rivals event didn’t seem to have Force Feedback working, but when I loaded up the Corvette in the wet, the feedback was awesome. Really strong rumble too, and the feeling of aquaplaning felt pretty cool (and way easier to control hitting the puddles than with a controller).

With regards to the overall hardware: The USB cable is shorter than I hoped. Approx 2m. I’m probably going to have to move my couch forward 30cm to get it in a comfortable position, then even then the cable is going to be suspended above the ground.

Also, all the cables (USB, Power, and pedals) attach underneath the unit. This means that once the wheel is mounted on a surface, you can’t disconnect the pedals without unmounting the wheel (might not be an issue for others, but was pretty annoying trying to get the pedals into a good position with my setup)

A quick run in Forza 5 shows that the brake issue is hardware related, not in-game calibration. Also noted that the Feedback/rumble were much weaker in FM5.

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Nice. Thanks for the review. Hope you get the pedal issue straightened out. Really glad to hear that the force feedback is much stronger/improved with FMS 6. Many people - myself included, were worried about that. As for the paddle shifters, can you use the manual w/clutch in-game setting while using the paddles without the clutch? My CSR Elite worked that way on FMS 4 & it was great.

I saw this video this morning on Inside SimRacing - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVWyHtbp6c0. John Sabol takes the Lotus F1 around the hallowed ‘Ring’ and shows the degree of control that is possible with the G920, but this guy could drive a rusty nail with a wet noodle!

John’s number one complaint about the wheel, well… really it’s the pedals is there’s not enough “resolution” in them. Insert granularity for resolution and we’ll have a Golf Club analogy which we can apply to it. I’m sort of hoping I can use a “Basher Board” to allow my Fanatec ClubSport Elite pedals to connect to the Logitech G920, and use them instead.

Seeing this video has sort of restored my hope for this wheel, after reading the mostly negative feedback here so far.

Using the ingame tuning I’ve lowered the outside deceleration dead band to 60%, which means I get to ~80% braking before having to consciously force it. So that’s better.

Have been running into issues in Forza 5 where the game keeps resetting the wheel angle to 900° from my preferred setting of 540. This happens reliably if I quit the game, disconnect the wheel, or even move focus to another app (including snaps). I’m sure in one case it even reset between back to back private lobby races (pretty sure I didn’t trigger any of the other cases). Hope this is something that has been resolved in FM6.

As for being able to flat-shift using paddle-shift cars using manual w/clutch… FM5 F1 and GT cars grind and have slow shifts if you try… would love for there to be a “simulation” transmission setting that forces clutch usage, except in cars that actually have paddles, or sequential shifters.

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