Like driving a freekin Prius

Dont know how many times this has been mentioned but its about time the creators took notice and DID something about it…

Why does every car sound like a freekin Prius ??? in the sense that the sound is [Mod Edit - Hieronymus (Profanity removed)] I an whisper louder.
It was bad on horizon but this is as I said like driving an electric car all the time.
We buy these games because we love cars and the sounds they make, So stop patronising us and crank up the engines symphony’s PLEASE…

Dont let this be a waste of £40.
The game itself is bad enough but not to be able to hear the engines roar is just disrespectful.

Sort it out

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Read other posts? Some people complain about “no noise” but I just took the F-type for a spin and that sounds brutal on my AV-receiver. Especially when cranked to the same volume as I would watch a movie on.

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I have no idea what you mean. The Corvette C2 will shake your house to its foundations just idling.

Though, a couple cars could be a few decibels louder, and right now my R32 is completely silent (but that’s a bug).

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To name but a few VW type 2, vw beetle, Bowler exr-s, Dodge charger I have wind that creates more decibels than these engine tones !!!
And no disrespect intended but to say you have no idea what Im on about, its as bad as Forza Horizon, In fact comparing the 2 Forza Horizon was a tad quiet but better than Horizon 2.

Just to add its being played through a full 5.1 dolby d theatre system

I was gonna say the same thing I got the R32 in a wheel spin, took it out for a test drive and no exhaust sound.

We must not be playing the same game because I have engine sounds on 8 and voice over volume on 10 with my tv set to a reasonable level and I can’t hear the voice over the sounds of the engine. And yes, they sound different in different cars.

Check your Xbox and tv sound set up.


I agree. All my cars sound just fine.

Are you playing the 360 version perhaps?

Yes I’m playing it on my 360. (Sorry thought I’d mentioned that In my original post)

Bowler sounds fine to me. Have driven it way too much in the bucket list challenge lol

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Yeah… The cars sound great to me (Xbox One)… The '69 charger sounds awesome, as well as the other cars mentioned… Not really sure what’s up with your sounds…

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Bowler sounds like a banshee on my end, and once “mate” tried to speak over the sound of my Boss 302… And I didn’t hear a word. The work done on the Ferraris would make Enzo himself cry tears of joy. Even the Sambabus sounds wonderful, it sputters in agony at every uphill just like the real thing! The only car that kinda sounds like a Prius is the Tesla, for quite obvious reasons.

Are you sure it’s not a problem on your end?


On my sound system, the game sounds great. The combination of roaring engines and Wagner or Vivaldi is quite pleasing to the ear.


I have Xbox One version. There are some cars I thought could’ve sounded better. A change in sound with exhaust upgrades could’ve helped this a lot. Just seems to me that some of the cars sounded much better in FM5.

On the other hand though there are a lot of cars that sound brilliant in Horizon. I haven’t come close to driving them all yet but I’ve really enjoyed the sound of the Mercedes SLS AMG, Toyota Supra, '79 Camaro, Ferrari 250 GT and Lamborghini Huracan just to name a few off the top of my head.

I’d say overall most cars sound really good but a few could’ve been better.

The only car that is like a Prius to me, is the Tesla Model S, mainly because it’s an electric. (and yes I know the Prius is a hybrid, but in EV Mode, it’s the same thing, I have driven both in real life)

But all cars are pretty loud on my Turtle Beaches, so I’m just not seeing , well, hearing… the same thing as the OP

The only car I’ve had a problem with is the 1993 Skyline and that only happened after the update. That Skyline makes no sound at all, though it sounded fine prior to the update. All the other cars sound just fine.

i agreem with most others. the game sounds great. i play on 7.3 surround. and its clear and loud. im playing on Xbox One

What’s wrong with driving a Prius?

On public roads a lot.

But in essence, the hybrid technology has really risen and when you look at the 918S, the P1, the LaFerrari, the Audi LeMans and Nissan ZEOD, there can be pleasure had from driving hybrid/environment-friendly cars. Prius not so much :wink:

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Some people will be playing this game on a TV with 2W speakers and then complain the engines don’t sound good enough…

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