Vehicle Sounds

I know what you’re all thinking. I’m being picky, but to be honest, with me being the car guy that I am, and Forza being the simulator it states, I believe that the cars should sound like its real life counterparts. Without me writing a very long intro, lets get into some of my biggest rants…

Rev Limiters: If you tune the engine, they are fast, untuned they are slow. That seems about right, but where is the engine stress? I don’t hear any crackling and pops other than the frequent backfire shot out at the same RPM every time.

Engine Swaps: Engines that we can replace other engines with are the ones that should have the best sounds, because they are the most used. For instance, 2JZ from a Supra, The V12 Enzo, the VR36DTT from a GT-R, the 4.5 L V8 from a Ferrari 458… These engines are horrible sounding, in my opinion. They have good RPM sounds at some times, like in the lower ranges, but thats just about it.

Engine Pitches: Something I have found out is that they reuse engine sounds. For instance, the F&F Challenger and Charger both share qualities from the Corvette in this game, just a lower pitch. Or, if you get any other engine, and you rev it, you can find out that its either a higher pitch off of another engine in the game, or a lower pitch. Just listen to RPMs and some cars will start to sound like others


Real Life: Ferrari Enzo in Action - Ride Burnout Accelerations Drifts Revs - YouTube
In Game: Forza Horizon 2 - 2002 Enzo Ferrari - Top Speed Run - YouTube

The speciale has a very accurate sound for the 458, and I don’t know why they didn’t just replace it
Real Life: Ferrari 458 Italia 0-300 km/h - YouTube
In Game: Forza Horizon 2 - Ferrari 458 Italia Gameplay - Cruise HD - YouTube
458 Speciale In game: Forza Horizon 2 | The Ferrari 458 Speciale - YouTube

Lamborghini Aventador
Real Life: 0-285 km/h : Lamborghini LP700-4 Aventador (Motorsport) - YouTube
In Game: - YouTube

Nissan GT-R (This one just has a bit of higher rpm qualities that aren’t there)
Real Life: Nissan GT-R R35 high-speed run - YouTube
In Game: Forza Horizon 2 - 2012 Nissan GT-R Black Edition - Top Speed Run - YouTube

TT Supra
Real Life: 1000hp Toyota Supra burnout + exhaust sound - YouTube
In Game: Forza Horizon 2 (XB1) | ~1500HP Supra Meet + Build | Rolls, Digs, 1/4 + 1/2 Mile & More - YouTube

C7 Corvette
Real Life: Corvette Stingray high speed run - YouTube
In Game: Forza Horizon 2 - 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray - Top Speed Run - YouTube

Koenigsegg Agera
Real Life: Koenigsegg Madness! 2x Agera R, 2x CCXR, 4x Carrera GT, Zonda S Loud Revving!! - YouTube
In Game: Forza Horizon 2 - 2011 Koenigsegg Agera - Top Speed Run - YouTube

These are just a few engine sounds that I thought were totally wrong. Find anymore ? ( Cause I know there are) Comment them below

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While I do find the sounds to be fairly good for what they are, I have never been too crazy about them either. I do agree that some improvement would never hurt.

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Have you seen many other simulators including almost every PC simulator? Have you addressed this issue towards them all as well?

Well, since Forza is mainly the only car game I play, I have only addressed it with them. Other games that I have played on the PC I wouldn’t call simulation, but have some good car sounds. For instance, Need For Speed Most Wanted 2012. Although its not sim, engine stress and other things like that are touched upon.

I 100% agree with you here.
I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, many cars sounds pretty much exactly the same and that sort of ruins the experience.
I wish there were more “growl” to the cars, and backfires and all that stuff!

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Horizon isnt a simulator and its bit late to change the sounds now lol. Perhaps in FH3 they will improve them.

Agreed, a tad bit late for a rant, but perhaps they can hear us out on FM6! Or like you said FH3

Given FM6 is only a few weeks away I wouldn’t expect your request to make a difference, FH3 or FM7 on the other hand…we can hope.

Yea, FH3 will most likely have sounds which are from FM6, whether fm6’s sounds are an improvement over Fm5 is one we’ll know in September

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I find both myself and others saying “wait for the next game, that’ll have everything” far too often. I feel like Turn 10 and PG need to watch Shia LaBeouf’s motivational speech or something; stop waiting until “next time” to do things.

Just saying the Nissan Skyline R34 sound needs a rethink for the sound, it doesnt sound like one in real life where is ‘RRRRRR’ and the crackle and the pops, it should sound maybe not close but maybe when upgraded it could sound like this?

Its actually a Greddy Trust TiR : - YouTube
- YouTube

if you could do that turn 10 that would be so much better,thanks

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omg yesss

I noticed this when the demo came out, actually.

You do the quick race to the festival in the Huracan, and it sounds like it does. When you arrive, it switches to cutscenes, and I guess it’s an actual recording of the car here. Our hero snaps off a couple of quick downshifts (matching revs and all), and the thing sounds MEAN.

It’s all like: REVVV-burble POP ZZZzzzrrr REVV-PPoP GRaAaa

I’m all like: “Ooh, I want THAT motor!”

Overall, I think the engine sounds are pretty dern good TBH. Some cars sound great but are too quiet, the '88 VW Scirocco for example.

I think the tire sounds need more work first. They’re good, but many are missing. In particular, the slight squeal the outside-front tire makes when cornering hard, but NOT encountering understeer. It’s odd, because the FM series has nailed this sound. It feels odd to not hear it when cornering at 80 mph in a road car.

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I suppose I’ll add some clips as well… If we had proper aftermarket exhaust systems available in game, I think these would be good choices.

Aventador LP700-4 w/Novitec: Link

Aventador LP700-4 w/Capristo: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

Ferrari F12 w/Capristo: Link 1

Ferrari 458 Speciale w/Novitec: Link 1 | Link 2

Ferrari F355 w/Capristo: Link 1 | Link 2

I thought that too, but I felt like it would be way too much work for all that haha. If they did do that, that would be sick! You can make your own unique car sound. Different Camshafts do different things, like for instance. How come a 1970 Corvette has a meaner growl with a cam than the ZR-1 Corvette w/ Race Camshafts??? Weird, but I wish they did add a little bit more detail.

I thought the sounds were a slight downgrade too. Realistic? Perhaps, but not “better.”

Honestly, the 33 Stradale, 360 CS, C63 AMG, and SLS AMG were in my favorite sounding cars group, but the way they sound in FH2 is so defeating to me.

The thing that bothers me the most though is how many cars have the same sound. Do you really expect me to believe that the Abarth 131, VW GTI Mk1 and Mk2, VW Scirocco, AND the '94 Miata all sound the exact same?

Yeah, I know, its ridiculous. But I have to give props for some cars that do sound quite realistic…

2009 Corvette ZR-1
Lamborghini Gallardo w/ Stock Cams
Lexus LFA
Lamborghini Murcielago ( I wasn’t going to post this till I youtubed it. You’d be surprised )

The camera you are in changes how the sound comes out.

Keep in mind that the sound changes based on distance from the camera IRL.

Try comparing two audio clips when they are recorded from the same spots IRL and ingame next time, because you can compare how a high-rev Enzo driving by in real life would sound to a high-revving Enzo ingame in the form of a drivatar and they actually sound similar enough.

It’s pretty easy to draw comparisons when you hear certain cars on the road daily. R34, Silvia, Supra, Evo, WRX and countless others I can’t remember. Hell, my car has a 2JZ and the incar view of the Supra doesn’t sound anything like the real thing.

I think you have a bit more leeway with the high end super/hyper cars because they are so exclusive and you don’t hear them that often IRL.

One thing people seem to be missing is one of damage. As in to your tv/speakers.
Those crackling and popping sounds are great, but once you’ve had some perforated cones, they’ll seem less ‘fun’!
Real life can only be replicated so far, and with many people using Forza on their TV’s with small speakers, they have to make sure they’re not going to break your equipment. So yeah, they’ll be very wary of things like that when making the game, sheerly from a lawsuit angle. lol. Yes you can listen to video of real cars on youtube, but you can’t then sue Lamborghini for blown speakers. Whereas you could sue Turn 10 for damage caused by their game. And you know some idiot would launch a class action.
So it’s likely some sounds are toned down.
Having said that, on my pioneer amp with it set up for my speakers, i can hear plenty of pops and crackles. They’re not super obvious, but they are in there. Just like sometimes the ambient sounds aren’t so obvious unless you adjust the sound mix.

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