Let's talk about the economy

Since collecting all cars is no longer the purpose in this game (unlike FM7 or FH5), you could just sell vehicles that are no longer used to afford other cars. Just like old Gran Turismo games were played, for example :slight_smile:

Especially getting rid of Ferrari 599XX, unlocked from the last Open Tour, could be a good way to earn money quickly, since someone forgot to change its price over FM7 and it’s worth 1.3 million credits :smile:

However, I agree there is an issue with difference in income between players who bought the VIP Pass and those who didn’t. I often ask myself how much more difficult (i.e. grindy, i.e. time-consuming) would the game become if I decided to buy the Standard edition…

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@NeubaumTurk_HK Prices and payouts are similar to FM2, but FM8 sets its prices based on PI. Also, no AH or gifted cars from other players in FM8.

I wanted to progress in tours a few months ago, but I was forced to either grind free play, or grind rivals just to buy an eligible car. And I had to grind for 300K. And that was months before you could buy performance parts with credits.

I don’t remember being stuck to grind this much for credits in FM2.

650,000 credits to sell on mine.

Yup, that’s half from 1.3 million :slight_smile:

Sorry,my bad. :smile:

@Draugnimir I don’t know that this game’s purpose is, but mine is to own all the cars and to drive them, so selling cars isn’t really an option. And considering you get half from selling anyways, I’m not sure it’s really sustainable.

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@Draugnimir I know FM7 put an emphasis on car collecting with its features, but it never was THE goal of any Forza game. But in a casual playthrough, I’m not interested in wasting credits because for some reason I don’t have enough credits to progress into single player.

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I seriously don’t understand why anyone would struggle making credits in this game. I’ve said all of my stats (200 cars owned, 29 at Level 50, 11+mill in the bank) except one, hours played. I’ve played 360.4 hours total in FM23. No car has been out of reach, I’ve been competitive/won all the single player stuff. I’ve even had to purchase multiple cars within a division, level each one up.

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For players who choose to enable the car leveling feature, there must be additional benefits; otherwise, it simply doesn’t make sense. I would suggest a bonus of +2% race-winning credits for each car level. This would mean that level 50 cars could generate double the income for each race.

They already get more credits not spending credits for ugrades…

@NeubaumTurk_HK I can buy any one car, that’s not the issue. The issue is when I spend 1.5M on 16 cars plus upgrades because I like to take a bunch of cars and run them in a time attack bracket, and I’ll be lucky to make back half of that. And that’s one of my cheap list of cars.

I’m not here to have 2 cars per division.

@VIT774 The problem I see there is that this only helps people who stick to a few cars, and probably need those credits the least. Especially if they’re also not buying upgrades.

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you make a valid point there’s a couple of cars i want to buy & then upgrading them all does get quite expensive for the average player if I go to crazy with buying cars there’s the tedious grind for credits witch to me doesn’t feel rewarding to me i don’t know why the game doesn’t feel rewarding I’m guessing it’s the AI in the game witch is the worst it has ever been

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I did buy the standard disc version and its extremely grindy.

It just geting boring to drive/grind to getting a car you want and continue grind to upgrade your car.

I bought the standard version because i wanted to try how the game really is, without any Credit “cheating”

I think turn 10 car loving developers has left the Team and only non car devs has taken over the development.
It feels like they dont care anymore, its just for the money

And we can thank “game pass” for this terrible situation.

I am sorry, but I could not disagree more.

I do have tons of cars (upgraded) in my garage and +5 million in the bank. I buy normally the featured cars every month for monthly rivals and stuff.

The cars are so cheap, that you do not have any feeling of achievement to get a really exclusive car. I just go to the car dealer, buy a supercar and in few laps I just recovered all the spent.

And I do not play that much, just a few hours at week (4-6) in private multiplayer, some rivals and sometimes the career mode. I have never used autodriving or sh*ty like that, I only raced the races and events I really wanted to enter in that moment.

There is definitely something wrong in the game’s economy, but it is not in that way, but the other. I remember in Forza 4 some really expensive cars (i.e. Ferrari 250 GTO) that when you were able to buy was only after some months of playing and some nice effort put in the game. I wish this game was the same.

I am not asking for countless hours of stupid grinding, just to balance the game that is not so easy and effortless to get everything you want.


It’s fine as is IMO.