League Info?

Anyone any ideas how these are calculated? Never seen any indication after a race how many points are allocated to the drivers.

Thanks in advance for any help.

I think it goes by 100 points per person you beat. If there are 10 people in the lobby you get rewarded 900 points. If you come 8th, you get 200 points. And so on. Total points from races shown on Leaderboards. Just a guess. I was earning around 2000/hour in lobbies with more players while earning 1000/hour with lower player lobbies.

I got about 10,000 yesterday from roughly 10 races, finishing on the podium for most of them.

I haven’t looked into it yet but if points go down as well as up then there’s some sort of ELO system in place. Right now however I think the best way to hit top ranking is a combination of quantity and quality; the more races you do the more points you get, with podiums giving big points.

I entered the Ford GT league yesterday, did only one race in a lobby of 9 or 10, won said race and now stand at 1500 points. I dropped out immediately afterwards. So it might be a combination of beating other players and winning bonus cause there were definitely not more than 10 people in that lobby.

The Points u earn each race are not responsible for step up or down in leagues right? They just stands for the credits u get when the league ends right? Because the post from turn 10 say u get more points if u beat people which are higher than u in leaderboard ranking and i cant notice that in points after a race. I was very disappointed when i realized that there are more top tier leagues than one. I think when u are in the highest skilllevel, there should really only be the fastest drivers. With multiple tier 1 leagues the skillrange is way too large. The breakingpoints from other people are often so early, this causes crashes many times. In addition i would love to race against the best people in the world but they are split in different leagues. Im sad a little bit.

Turn 10 would you please explain how the scoring works? It makes no sense sometimes. Why do we get extra points sometimes? Also how is division determined. Last night I was moved to elite played a few rounds with my friends in a private lobby. I didn’t do well, they are all really good and tough to beat, Suddenly I’m pushed down to professional again. I race a few R Ghost and win, than suddenly back to elite. Than this morning I played the last session of R Ghost. After a few races I was pushed down to pro in the grand prix league. I did one C cause it was open and I knew it would stay elite after that. So I finish out R ghost, won a few and than back to elite and I played to lock it in to the Grand Prix league. Very irritating, I am over level 400 and no one else is that high in Pro. It is unfair to the other players and me to keep me there. Please leave me at Elite. Please also remove Yas Marina and Bugatti circuit from the leagues. They come up more than anything else and all they do is corner cut on those tracks with no penalty. This is a league, how is that fair? You seem very unresponsive to issues, The disconnect is going on for weeks and all we get from you is silence. This is no way to treat your customers.

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I’m not sure you can be changed in division mid-league. I believe once you start a certain league, whatever division you were at the time is what you will remain as until that league ends. You could start one of the two as pro and then later start the other as elite if your magical rating has improved in the interim.

What I have found is that it doesnt correctly show the right info on the league select screen until after you view the full leaderboards - it seems to be a caching type issue where it will initially show say 456 of 1234 for both available leagues which only accurately matches one of them, but after you press Y to see the full leaderboard for both, one will then change to show something like 234 of 678 which then reflects your real position for that league. It may be a case of what was being displayed on your screen wasn’t always accurate in terms of your real division/position for that league depending on whether you had just viewed the full leaderboard or not - this would make things extra confusing.

you can’t change mid-league, but it shows the upcoming leagues on like Friday and that Division can change. Once you do a league race it will lock you into a division until it ends.

Actually, I’d be interested too, even though I’ve been in the same division since the beginning, Grassroots. lol

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Here is my best guess at how the scoring works:

  • 100 points for finishing a race.
  • 100 additional points for every opponent you beat in a room.
  • 100 additional points per clean lap.

So if you’re in a room with 8 people, you finish 5th and set 1 clean lap, you should get (100 + 100*3 + 100) 500 points.

As for which Division you are placed in, a Turn 10 developer (Johnk1969) regularly races in the Pinnacle Division and he explained it thusly:

He didn’t give any specific details as regards numbers, but the simplest way to improve is to get faster, race cleaner and win more often.

Aside from an official post explaining how points are given out, I think it would be nice if they posted somewhere the full league leaderboard that they use to determine which division people are put in. I can’t be the only one that would like to see where I am in the vast pool of talent and at which number then next division starts.

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That may explain it. The majority of my races would have been DNF, as I keep getting disconnected. lol

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It certainly would be handy, as I seem to have been moved up to elite, and there is no way I can compete in that.
I did one race in each league last week, finished last in both and still didn’t get dropped down one.
Its a bit frustrating too race when you know you don’t have any chance of a decent finish, so I have been avoiding leagues, which is a pity as I do like them.

From the criteria previously mentioned it seems like you should drive a bit off track, crash once or twice, make sure you are in last place and then DNF on the last lap a few times. That should do the trick and drop you to a lower class. LOL.

Ive tried to locate information on the league to no success…

Could someone either direct me to a forum, or explain exactly how this point based system works?

It doesn’t make sense to me, as I’ve raced many times and get a varied amount of points. For example: the current S class Ghost, i came 1st out of 17 people, and got 1700 points.
But when i come 3rd or 4th out of 21 people i get 3-500? Im confused. How in the world do people have 60-100 THOUSAND points? Based off the amount of points i get… i just don’t understand it.

Also, how does the pole position get decided for the users in the lobby? Ive raced so many times in many different league events and have NEVER been in PP1. always near the back, with my best PP being position 6. Ive come 1st many times being in the last 3 slots, why can I never get the first PP?

You’re awarded extra points for skills such as perfect drafting and cornering.

I guess I don’t really understand your question - 60k -100k and you said you’ve made over 1k in a race that’s only 60-100 races - and yes - people play that much or more inside of a week

I’ve never heard about getting extra points for skills (Horizon maybe)

Points are tied to the number of participants and your placement in the race.
I am pretty sure the grid is setup via fastest lap from previous race. (dirty /!\ is lower regardless of time)

it’s also been reported that driving clean is rewarded with better start positions. (so driving in traffic and not ramming someone off the track is rewarded) Not sure if this is true but usually find myself in the first 3 spots for most league races. And just about every time I’m at the front, he other guys up there with me all drive clean in traffic and have the overall fastest lap times. (This could be based on lap time only though and I’ve been lucky being matched up with other clean racers)

When I have found myself mid-pack I’ve found myself mixed in with fast drivers still but less skilled in driving in traffic and there are a lot more avoidable collisions. I do think there is something to the clean driving theory.

I’ve been awarded more points than the guys who finished ahead of me a few times, but I’ve never figured out why.

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