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Thank you sir, all I needed was this as I could not find it.

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Hey guys,pretty new around these parts and i have a tiny question.How do you move up ranks in online divisions?Right now i am in the top 50 of S-Class in the professional “tier”.If i stay right around
that position will I move up?Thanks in advance and feel free to delete the topic once answered.

I think you will move up but it might not be based on points. It might be based average finish position and/ or lap times. When I first started Leagues, I was immediately placed in pro. (not sure if I even started at Grass Roots). I only raced two nights in the pro league with maybe around 6-8 races each night. I was basically winning every race by the 2nd day in pro but didn’t finish too high on leaderboard because I didn’t do all that much racing (didn’t score a lot of points). However, when the next League started I was moved up to Elite.

I expect if you are in the top 50 you are doing a lot more races but are also placing well so I would expect you would move up at least to Elite.

Thanks a lot for your input and indeed i am placing between the podiums with many wins and racing clean with no corner cutting.Although i am very tempted to cut corners since i see almost everybody doing it.Even guys above me in the leaderboard…

Don’t. I don’t cut corners unless i’m beign forced off track and i need it to get back on (i.e. first turn on watkins glen). I’d rather not cut any corner and come 6th than cut every corner and come in 1st. Most of the time, the guys racing behind you seeing you are racing clean will take the example and do the same. Most of the time. It’s just more rewarding for me. As for Yas Marina, I spectate. So much track cutting, I get crashed into all the time for having a different line than the cutters, and I must say it’s not all that pleasant.

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The only way to move up is to race more and get faster!

I admire all the work and hypothesis that has gone into how players move and are rated in Leagues. Some really great stuff. Fortunately, as I will explain, it is actually much more simple.

Divisions - You are placed/moved into a division based on the TruSkill you’ve developed for Leagues. The more you win, the more your TruSkill increases, the more you are at the back of the pack the more it decreases. Leagues has a separate TruSkill rating than Hoppers as we figured some may race differently between the two. Some have noted that they were pre-placed into a Division the first time they played Leagues. If you had never played Leagues before, we use your Hopper TruSkill to make sure you started approximately where you should. Once your TruSkill in Leagues is verifed, it switches to using the TruSkill for Leagues exclusively from there on out.

Leaderboards - Points are awarded as your finish position inverted + bonus points for any players you finish in front of that have a higher skill rating for you. Your Leaderboard finish position has no impact to the Division you are assigned. It is there to capture your progress, payout for your effort and track competing against other players.

Hope this helps clear it up.

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This explains my situation. I have been asked tons of times how I got demoted as it seems it is rare for that to happen.

I started off in pinnacle and had played multiplayer before attempting leagues. I was winning or placing frequently in multiplayer then. I haven’t played multiplayer much since.

The last league I played before quitting on them for a while had the S2000 in it. I was being purposely wrecked, used as a brake, used to corner better, and on and on. I finished at the back or mid pack a lot and won maybe two or three. I gave leagues a long break.

When I tried a new league I found I had been demoted. This was the Executive Heavyweights League. I raced that entire league in elite division. I decided to take a que from iRacing’s belief. If you are involved in a wreck you probably share some responsibility. While this isn’t exactly true in Forza (intentional wreckers) most times there was something I could have done different. Also, I think it was ONR TNEAGLE mentioned one of the reasons why Raceboy77 is so fast is because he is a great racer. He is very aware, adept at anticipating wrecks, and so forth. So I was more cautious, paid more attention, braked earlier when drafting, anticipated wrecks better, and so on. As one racer put it, “You were working miracles…” I really was not. I was only aggressive when I knew for sure I would not wreck myself and the other racer. That thought process led to many fast clean laps. I won or placed in almost every race in the elite division of that league. I wound up finishing in top five although I didn’tdidn’t start racing till mid weekweek or later.

Fast forward to ultimate grand tourer and I was promoted back to pinnacle. In this division I often finish mid pack. I won a handful but, finished in the last quarter of the back a lot. I find vehicle selection and tune are more critical against a higher level of competition. I finished better when I made better selections for the track. I finished second but I did a heck of a lot of races to do so. I am still in pinnacle.

Based on the description above I suspect I will bounce between the two divisions. I have and still believe my skill level of competition lies in the top quarter of elite to the bottom quarter or so of pinnacle.

Thanks for the explanation.

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Then that begs the question, If you’d never raced Leagues before or raced online, how is your Hopper TruSkill determined? (I did a search and couldn’t find the answer) And also, why was I Elite in two Leagues before I ever played and in Grassroots in another which I hadn’t played?

Hoppers definitely has an impacted on league placement.
You must of started the grassroots league and it locked you into that division for that league. If you improve your truscore in that period, you will be placed in a higher divisons for the other league that you havnt started.

Thanks for this info! I’ve been stuck in Pinnacle since the first league. I can race competitively if I spend hours building the halo car for that series. But it’s just not fun, recently with XBL share I made another GT and raced in Elite this week and it was a lot of fun, I want to be in elite. I won a majority of the races but I had some really good races, the wins didn’t come easy. Well, it’s showing me moving back to pinnacle. Is there any way for Forza to give us more info on this. Pinnacle as a league sucks, I have a lot of top leaderboard times but the guys who are fast there are freaks, the lobbies are small as the division seems much smaller than elite. In Elite i race with 20 people almost every time during peak hours. In Pinnacle I’m lucky to see 14.

I suppose I am right on the cusp of Elite and Pinnacle, I feel like they need to make Pinnacle more exclusive, because all of my friends are in elite. I could understand if I was unbeatable in Elite but I am far from it. Maybe they should reconsider the division breakdowns. Case in point, the top 3 in Elite right now will be in Elite next week, but I’m 20th or something and I’m moving to Pinnacle. The scoring and TruSkill system need to have more in common.

I keep seeing people say that their friends are racing in different leagues to them and how they want to play in the same one, however racing with friends is not what leagues have been created for. You say that there are not enough people in pinnacle league and yet you also want it to be made more exclusive, this would just make the field in each race even smaller. The scoring system is only for measuring how much you have participated each week and work out your bonus payment. I think this is the way it should stay, altering it to reflect race performance will only increase the amount of dirty driving and cheating as some people would do anything to move up the leaderboard. I remember on Forza 2 when they displayed truskill rank in lobbies people would smash you off because they didn’t want to lose rank.


I made another account and I am in elite on it, I race my friends (this is XBOX lets face it I want to play with friends), and I’ve had some of the best races ever in Elite. The lobbies are full and sure there are dirty racers but it’s not too bad. As for making it more exclusive let me elaborate, the people at the top of Pinnacle are far better than the people at the bottom. For instance someone at the bottom of Pinnacle would be competitive in Elite, someone at the bottom of Elite could win a race in Elite, but this is not the case in the Pinnacle division. The skill gap is so great that it’s flat out not fun. I was trying to say they need to consider where the thresholds are for these leagues because I feel they could create better racing.

This discussion on TruSkill showed me a lot, I can keep my account in Elite, sometimes if I do very well for a few days it bumps me up, but if I have a poor night I’m back down to elite. I don’t care about any of the what the leagues are supposed to be, I want to race with people who I am competitive with, not get blown out of the water every race.

Not sure about this. I was put in pinnacle after around 5 races. From a grassroots league. I had to finish that league the ghost league still on grassroots for the entire week but was placed in pinnacle on the collisions league after 5 races only based only on my grassroots performance. Granted I won them but it seemed quick.

I have never heard anyone personally mention to me that they have or had been relegated to a lower division ever. Obviously moved up but never relegated.

If any one can confirm on here that they have been relagated. I’ll skulk off with my tail between my legs.

I was in pinnacle after the first week, got relegated to elite after about three weeks and spent about 6 weeks there before getting back to pinnacle. Sorry to hear about your thumb Mexico, I loved that 360CS paint and tune combo you have in your SIG. Is that available in FM6?

Now skulking. Guess I’m too suspicious of everything these days. Thanks for the info btw

Thanks for making this information available, but you should provide it and other helpful tips on how leagues work in a separate thread with a descriptive heading and place as a main topic as Manteomax has done with key forum topics. That will be helpful to us all!

So if I’m in Pinnacle for Leagues and I want to go back down to Elite (for a variety of reasons), all I need to do is finish in the back for a few races and it’ll send me back down?