League points [fixed - post #47]

Anyone else not receiving league points since the update?

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Just had back to back races without scoring a point. Think we were in same lobby. Update causing chaos again

Same here no points after several races

The league didnt happen to close while you were racing
Any races after it closes dont get points even though you can still race them

It happened to me as well after the update.

If the lobby is closed then you won’t receive any points.

Also had this problem in the Historic Muscle league in pinnacle, league was defiantly open and I didn’t receive any points all night. Also had a friend in the lobby who said same thing was happening too him. Seems this update has messed a few things up judging by the other threads.

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Same here in Elite.

multiple races with no points. Gotta love dlc day.

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New to the forums however a forza-ist since the 3rd. Leagues were indeed open and running

Also it’s still a current issue

I switched lobbies and stated to receive points. Weird.

Now it’s not allocating points again :frowning:

I ran several league races tonight and the points were all over the place. Several races gave me no points, for mid pack race finishes. Twice I finished third in a, 20 person race, and got 300 points each time. No matter how many points were awarded, there was no guarantee they would actually be added to my league total.
The Previous Race data seems to be way off too. Unless I am confused, that used to reflect the places and times from the previous race. Tonight, there were several times when I finished mid pack, but this data showed me finishing second or third. When I finished second or third, It showed me finishing 18 or 20, and sometimes reflected a DNF.
Definitely some issues.

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Yep it’s not working as it should be. Be awesome if somehow I received the points I earnt today but that my be a pipe dream.
I occasionally received points the first race in a lobby, then it would say I earnt those points for each successive race regardless of if I actually did or not but they would not add to my talley.

Yeah I noticed the same thing today as well. Inconsistent allocation of points and sometimes I suspect the points weren’t added to the total. BTW good racing today Falcon :checkered_flag::checkered_flag:

Thanks mate, if I was a bit quicker I may have kept up to you.

Well at least we may have got the same league points :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::laughing:

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Got in a lobby around 1am CST. First race, no points. Second through 4th race, 1000+. Lobby closed at 2am.

At 3am, got in lobby, 4 races, no points…

what gives Turn 10?

Yep I was in American muscle league and got no points for my first two races. I left lobby and rejoined again and scored a second placing and guess what not a point in sight. I hope we can get a quick fix as I need all the help I can get and every point is a bonus lol. Great to see this update made some really good changes.

Still no Nascar points being given out, quite annoying as I got a podium and that doesn’t happen too often for me :joy: