Leaderboard Cheating / Drift Racing Times / Jumps / Speedtraps

Hello iam a Legit Forza Horizon player , i have played all youre titles from forza 1- to Horizon 5 , iam a pro drifter in all horizon titles and since first day all leaderboards have cheaters , it makes no more fun i have buyed the premium edition , i still love youre games but with cheaters it didnt make fun anymore so pls ban this people and reset the boards m the site like Fearless cheats cheathappens etc sell them others are using bugs or exploits just drift loopds speed glitches with the ipace car and other cars so pls fix this !!! Watch my ranking here and now then u will see
, i want a cheat free Forza horizon where u can legt set records with others to get better and not see cheaters on all boards i like the competetion the grind to set new highscores the pictures are from my drift attempts they non cheated but others have on a short driftzone 999.669 points hope help us with it the community ! Best regards a Forza Fan

https://www.reddit.com/r/ForzaHorizon/comments/kla11f/leaderboard_cheaters/ https://www.reddit.com/r/ForzaHorizon/comments/qqwiox/fh5_pc_leaderboards_are_filled_with_cheaters/


iam a legit drifter grinding for the highscore , and now every trap drift etc are filled with bug users cheaters , like fearless cheats trainer etc why i no one do anything against it and i didnt mena the Communuty its annoying dissapointing and now it sucks hard


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I was 65 on it hust 2 days ago and now iam 1000th because of a cheater with 995000 drift points in a 150 meter driftzone whats that fix the the damm boards and the cheaters ban use a anticheat software but dooooo something guys like me Ar12 johndea wonsong slaĂĽtrain are legit drifters watch on youtube and now it sucks thanks to cheaters and a support that send copy paste trash messages fix youre game or refund hundreds of games like mine 100 spend for a game full of cheaters!


Forza Safety Team
1 day ago
Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We’ve initiated an investigation based on the information that you provided and we’ll take appropriate action based on our findings. Please note that for privacy reasons, we’re not able to share the specifics of the action taken, if any.
Thank you,
Forza Safety Team Written by your copy paste bot wow clap hands


Yeah, i will never understand the reason behind these cheats.

I understand cheating when it has no effects on others experience and/or if you absolutely don’t have the level to pass something you need to to either unlock a game element, story, item locked behind that victory.

None of this is the case here ; it’s purely done for mischievous reasons


Yea i hope turn 10 playground games and forza team itself fix it otherwise iwll never play it anymore because i have no reason to play after story 100Eur / Dollars for cheat shit


They will probably wipe the leaderboards. They did in FH4 and FM7 and if I recall FH3. I am reporting anyone on the top scores that are clearly impossible for suspicious behavior. Although who knows if that actually does anything. I suggest mass reporting though. One person doing this will do nothing.


To be honest, it’s pointless even reporting this issue to Support…the most they will do is reset the Leaderboards, at which point they cheats/exploiters/hackers will just do it again…look at all the impossible times/distances/scores on FH4 when FH5 came out…and that was with the leaderboards beiung reset (wasn’t even aware they had been reset)

This game was going to always be a cheat/hack paradise given the Steam integration…I’m not saying that all Steam players are in this category as they are not but the Steam platform makes hacking/cheating/exploiting a whole lot easier as the folders etc related to the game are wide open (as opposed to the MS Store version which is pretty well hidden). This was demonstrated when STeam was released for FH4 and the amount of hacking etc in things like the Eliminator got a whole lot worse.

Until PGG and T10 take the issue seriously (and they won’t) then it is something we all just have to tolerate


Utter nonsense. The vast amount of cheating on FH4 happened when it was purely a Windows only game. Stop talking rubbish.

Just look at the leaderboards. Hundreds of cheaters scores still there. :rage:
And the amount of people using speed mode cheat is unbelievable
Are PGG and T10 taking notice and banning the cheaters? It’s not a difficult job to do.


Still an issue in 2023

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I have created an ticket and they replyed:

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention and we apologize that you have had this experience. We strive to ensure our games provide players with a safe and inclusive environment. We have begun an investigation into this matter based on the information provided and, if needed, will take appropriate action based on our findings. If we do take action, please note that for privacy reasons, we are unable to share the specifics.

Thank you,
Forza Support & Safety Team

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So that explains why I had to redo few stunt jumps and a drift zone after a year of absence.
GG, remove legit entries and encourage hackers to do it more :+1:


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I have been going though the FM7 leaderbords and its rare to see 1 glitched time. Either its easy to cheat, a game that people love to cheat on or no dev money for cleaning the boards.

Or it’s a game that draws cheaters by the nature of it.

So here we go again.
Didn’t notice this, until I went to a test drive in KTM for trial … with just few points I get new PB msg, while running the second track in free roam ???

Ow this why

My score got wiped, how I know … well

Here is new one

Wonder how long this one’s gonna stay, until next legit wipe.

I bet all these are totally legit :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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Maybe this https://forums.forza.net/t/huge-issue-with-drift-zones/567726 from February of this year