Deffo cheaters

So what will 5 do about cheaters on pc day one sense they have done nothing about it in 4.


Cheaters in what sense? People who hack the game, or people who show bad sportsmanship online?


Both but especially the PC hackers. Cars doing 200 mph from the start of a race is ridiculous!


What cheating are we talking about? Minor nonsense that only affects Leaderboards? If so, they should just get rid of the Leaderboards.


Leaderboard are defenitly needed to get a competitive side in the game


Cheats such has flying cars in the eleminator, And the leader board cheats , plus the auction house sniper cheats, in other words any and all online cheats.


I’ve been playing this game since it came out, and I also play on PC and I have yet to see any “cheaters”…just get good at the game


Mmmhhhmmm just because you haven’t seen it, means it doesn’t happen or ever happened. You seem to be naive.


I’ve played every horizon title on release/ early release and am also yet to see any cheating outside of exploiting.

Both of you are beyond naive. Very easy to check. Go to YouTube and punch in speed hack with the game title. Some of us who are among the fastest players in the game have witnessed it. Its not widespread but its enough to cause a problem when it comes to preserving your rank.

That’s just a taste. If you don’t play in competitive modes frequently, you wouldn’t see it. I don’t wanna read any ridiculous explanation like network lag. That just doesn’t compute!


Ok.Keep believing that.Then explain why I got banned from ranked because someone boost rammed my gt500 because they couldn’t pass me.They reported me for their own actions.I see boosts all the damn time.dude.If they are leading by over half a lap they are almost guaranteed to be boosting or running hacks.Its very apparent when you are playing on xbox against a PC player.Abd you realse the Git good crap isn’t even remotely called for here.You want proof of cheating,try all the leaderboards that say 348 mph.You can’t even go that fast in game unless your hacked or use an exploit.


FH4 Time Played: 13 days, 4 hours, 1 minute

FH4 Time Played: 4 days, 1 hour

FH4 Time Played: 18 days, 12 hours, 48 minutes


You guys sound pretty sure of yourselves for having such relatively low time played totals. DaReo is right, naive as the day is long. :roll_eyes:

“Lag.” How quaint. Sure, the warp drive speed and floating flying cars that can shoot straight up into the sky and traverse to my same destination in straight lines and/or maneuver about overhead so deliberately and precise as if on rails, but still shoot back down to buzz me in a swing-by, that could all just be a “lag issue.” I guess when dude enters the final race of a B700 Trial in a S1 900 car, that must just be another “lag issue?” Or my favorite, when dude exits (and by exits, I mean quit out, removed from lobby) an online adventure race after first 40 seconds of race but then decides to rejoin the very same race (notice I said ‘very same race’ and not ‘next race’ or ‘lobby’) during the final 20 seconds in a different car and/or class, I guess that was just “lag,” too.

I also was unaware that network “lag issues” or whatever have such impact on these dudes behaviors as well as their direct output/performance. For example, the way dude will troll the entire lobby by hanging way back at start long enough to warp by everyone (even the slow-class drivers), simply to rub everyone’s nose in it at Enterprise-speeds. See, it’s not enough for dude to just violate every orafice of the game and leave it at that. Because I am alive. and breathing, and that I can see with my eyes, …I know he’s hacking on his PC, and he knows I know what he’s up to…and that’s when it gets even worse because showing off is the whole point. These behaviors can even manifest outside online adventures, when dude decides to post video of his trolling and hacking individuals on his profile, laughing about it. They think this :poop: is cute and funny — it isn’t, and they only reveal themselves to be human garbage. But, “lag issues…”

The guy with the list of ‘it could be this or that or another thing’ may be right about one thing, speaking for only myself, no, I admit to knowing very little about the quaint little topic of lag. I know what lag issues ‘look’ like, and that’s just not what this is. Do I sound a bit sure of myself? Yeah, I do…the difference is that I have 368 days, 8 hours and 4 minutes of total FH4 playing time (frightening), and I can say with great confidence that I’ve played enough of this wreck to know and recognize actual cheating.

(DaReo has way more hours played than I do, actually. In fact, if you were to play FH4 for 24 hrs a day for two years straight, no breaks, you still wouldn’t match our combined time played total. Yikes, I think I’m going to go take five right now.)


Slightly embarrassed to admit I’m in the 10s of thousands of hours played. Somewhere between 17 and 18K, so I’m not gonna throw out a silly accusation. Even after all the hours played, I’m still learning new things that will make winning alot easier in the next game but it still wouldn’t be a match for people hacking the game. When these cars are driving as fast as X class cars in B and A class rooms, its not hard to figure out what they’re doing.

Edit: That was a guesstimate on hours and it was a low ball apparently. Tallied all up, 2 mains and the 6 Solo GM accounts a little under 25000 hours played, I’m actually shocked. I suppose the hours do race by when you’re having fun, most of the time.


I’m pretty sure these calculations are total time played. Like, they’ve played the game for 432 hours total. Besides, how can we really know for sure anyways. These forums are beyond dated, glitches are abound, and a lot of basic functions have been broken for quite some time. Forget the games, the forums need a massive overall.

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Respectfully, yes, that’s exactly what I said. “Time played total” = “Total time played.” The time played totals cited are cumulative (grand total of all minutes played), and taken directly from their xbox profile: Profile → Gaming tab → Horizon 4 → transfers to FH4 Hub Progress tab comparing stats of that player → Line #3: Time Played (displays cumulative totals).

And how do we know? Because keeping a running tally of an application’s use is probably the most basic (or simplest) function a computer can do. It’s literally just 1+1=2 (paraphrasing). And we know because xbox says that’s exactly what, and where, it is. I also just checked my Red Dead Redemption stats, a game of which I bought and then played just one single time, through the story intro scenes and tutorial bs, to which I got bored with, took a screenshot, and then shut it off to play FH4…one single play that lasted 15 minutes, which lo & behold is exactly what xbox says is my cumulative time played.

And while I concur with your assessment of the forum’s current functionality, I’m well aware of the game’s shortcomings (hell, even the forza hub app is ailing) and as problematic as they all are, the coding and complexity of any given game feature is not the same sort of thing as a simple basic playing time tally calculation. Stat data gets recorded regardless of how useful the forum is or how easily someone can exploit a game process, and total time played as a calculated stat is about as easy as it’s going to get.

But that’ll be a firm “Uh, No” on the ‘forget game/fix forums first’ prioritization, sorry. :x:

Time played stats on here have been borked forever. I have over 300 hours in horizon 4, 300 in Horizon 3, 900+ in Forza motorsport 3, 400+ in Forza Motorpsort 4, 400+ in Forza motorsport 5, 300+ in Forza motorsport 6 etc etc. I’m an old hand at Forza and if you frequented the forums for more than 5 minutes you’d know this. I used to run the Comunity Rescue service for 5+ years and i was a founding member of Big Brother tuning & Design. I have played every single Forza extensively.
So what is your point?

I’m willing to bet that everyone with 40 second and below times for 3 or more mile races or 4 or more lap races is somehow cheating. It’s a “no brainer” for obvious things like that.


I’ve seen plenty and i’ve been playing since day 1 and i am extremely good at the game.


Floating cars and ridiciulous speed could be a lag issue. Before you say no other game has them, well no other game is Forza Horizon 4. Every time you say something like that it shows how little you know about the subject.
Games display internet lag in different ways. For example there was one game my friends and I used to play where without warning your jeep would suddenly be travelling at 9000mph across the map. It was caused by lag and fixed in a subsequent patch iirc. No cheating just lag.
And lag is caused by many things. Including but not limited to;
Upload speed
Download speed
Corrupted/damaged RAM
CPU speed
System throttling due to overheating
Not enough RAM
GFX card being old or damaged
Running from HDD as opposed to SSD
HDD damage
Your router
Etc etc

These are not all network lag, some of these are merely lag that is induced by hardware, however the end result is the same and so is the result, you lose!


In some cases, that might be an honest mistake or glitch. Once, the game gave me S1 cars to choose from in an A800 playground games. Keep in mind that this game still has plenty of bugs that might look like cheating.