Cheating Started Early

The game itself is fantastic and running smoothly. I did notice that on the the early “challenge”, getting the Beetle to to garage, with a time of about 1m 30 secs, that the top time was less than 2 seconds and there were dozens of players with these ridiculous times. There is little point having these leader boards if you’re just going to let this type of thing stand, even temporarily. It should be easy enough to determine if somebody is gaming the game, so to speak, if they are flying around in a low loader at 5000mph.


Thats not cheated there is a bug wich saves wrong times. Its on the “challenges” where it shows one marker and if u reach the marker it shows next marker and so on.
Somehow it doesnt save total time there and uses times from one checkpoint to next

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From what I’ve seen, people are knowingly doing things in a very specific order, so as to trigger a very specific bug. That’s called cheating.


o.O you cant trigger or prevent this… you have to pass all the checkpoints to complete and the game saves wrong time in leaderboard. in this case there is no glitching/cheating/whatever involved

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There, are NO checkpoints on the first Nocho event. You simply drive the truck to the destination. Make all the excuses you want, but there is now way to do it in 2 seconds, and a possible bug from one event cannot explain a 2 second time in the first Nocho event. I know this for a fact because I drove that truck all kinda offroad.


Ok, some leaderboards look way different now. There is many lvl 2999 ppl in thats not legit and has nothing todo with the bug

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there are several ways to gain massive amounts of exp and levels.

one way is to set autodrive on a 50 lap goliath drive. it takes hours but youll end up with like 100+ levels and millions of cash.

another is pausing the game during a specific barrel roll which gives infinite exp.

those arent cheats per se. certainly not due to hacking.
theyre game exploits of bugs.

Goliath isn’t a bug exploit. But the barrel-roll definitely is. Goliath is not an unintended game mechanic. It’s a mechanic designed and added to the game. There’s no unintended consequences of the code being taken advantage of. But that barrel-roll thing is definitely taking advantage of an unintended consequence of glitched code.
Even the Willys Jeep thing isn’t a bug exploit and I don’t think anyone should be punished for that. It was using a fully intentional game design and maximising it. Granted, PG probably didn’t want it to be that easy. But it’s not taking advantage of code issues. PG will simply rebalance the values and perk costs. That’s all fair.

I personally have no issue with people exploiting bugs in the game provided these bugs aren’t introduced by a third party injection. Basically, if it can replicated on Console, then it should be fair game until PG fix it.

Leaderboard hacking or changing the way the game operates on your PC should be a ban.

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I have a big problem with that because it has ruined many a game. Somebody figures out a weapon in Battlefield is overpowered so everybody else starts using it, chaos ensues. Somebody figures out a car is overpowered in Forza, everybody uses it, monotony ensues. This has gone on for years, bugs emerge, too many gamers exploit them, thousands give up playing all together because the devs shrug their shoulders and do nothing, not even resetting a leader board, all of 60 seconds work. If you want to exploit bugs or mod your game, go ahead and enjoy but people who do that should either be banned from online play or forced onto a server with all the other exploiters so they can grief each other and leave everybody else alone.


the cheating is already hit the auction house too.

i saw many sellers selling endless amounts of DeLoreans last night(my lucky find was not so lucky it seems now)

and its same as they used to do in FH4 … sadly, nothing changed!

its to obvious too when a player can only have 1 of a certain car and here they are auctioning off 100’s
and you can go look at the history of the cars you get from the auction house and you see the same (1) owner over and over and over :frowning:


Through some Youtube sleuth work I found out how they do it. [Mod Edit - Duek - Let’s not give anyone too many ideas through this forum, though I definitely understand how frustrating it is to play with cheaters).

This should surprise no one. Cars were getting sniped in FH4 one second after I put it up. I couldn’t even put up the 2nd car before I got an alert it sold. If we can see these bugs, hacks and exploits, best believe they can see them too. But like many other things, it’ll probably go unaddressed.


I rarely if ever check the leader boards because this type of thing has been a problem forever with Forza. It would be nice though, from time, to time, to see how you’re doing against legit players. Youtube is loaded with videos for exploits and bugs though, so no end in sight.

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Was challenged to a head-to-head race last night by a guy in a D100-rated 1969 Boss Mustang. Reported him for what it might be worth

This game is full of cheater. Way to many people use these speed hack, whatever we call it. Rivals are full of these guys. On the straights they zoom in warp speed away from me. And some guys are clever enough, not to show these hack, in the first view. These is a simple fact, easy to proof.

Nothing new here

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For me the only leaderboard that counts is my friends list.


None of this would have come as a surprise to anyone who played FH4…cheats were around since the beginning of that, things got much worse once Steam was introduced. It was a given that it would start straight away…even the Club Leaderboard is displaying it for everyone to see (though some have been removed from there already I believe).

Pgg/T10 made a token gesture towards the end of FH4 by removing some Rivals times, getting tough on online etc to show they were serious about Enforcing their own Enforcement Rules. However, everyone knows that they aren’t at all concerned about it or willing to take sustained, serious action…the Enforcement Rules are really just a set of loose “please do this” guidelines.

I did every class so rivals within 2 days of the start to get the 5% Accolades as I knew it would become impossible very quickly. Unfortunately, PGG/T10s lack of Enforcement is just a mirror of Microsoft and XBox’s woefully inadequate Enforcement. Seems to be that all big Developers etc get to a point where they feel it isn’t financially worth dedicating time and effort to enforcing their own rules so cheats and hackers know they can do what they like with impunity

As said above, the only Leaderboard that counts is your friends list or club mates, assuming everyone has either people on their friends list or belong to a club

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Good idea, I did C & D class just now to finish those off, just in case they add an achievement later to get all the accolades or something.

I’ll own up to shaming myself by using the Bone Shaker on A class rivals… I’m surprised they allowed that again after the big furore in FH4 where they ended up banning it!

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I dont understand why people want to be on a leaderboard? Do you think someone cares you beeing there? I would remove them all and leave only one. Online wins and thats all.
This way you can actually record a cheater and tell PG to take action.
The game has a ton of bugs and people cry over some leadboards. :slight_smile: Having money ,cars and stuff in game means nothing if you cant drive for ****.

And stop talking about devs . Not sure people have a job these days but as an employee you dont do what you think it’s best you follow leaders who follow other leaders and so on.
They are beeing told what to work on. Pick on the higher ups like MB or other directors.