Can we get a leader board clean up?

The number of cheated/bugged results is just getting stupid, for a couple of examples look at Runway Danger sign leader board 42,000+ ft(which is nearly 8 miles!) the top 100 are all over 10,000ft, many lower than X class, an A class at number 4 and a C class in the top 40!

Also the Taycan S speed glitch speeds which is on a lot of the the speed traps, I have messed about with the car quite a bit and there is no way it can get anywhere near the 345+ mph using it legitimately, (when you look for new tunes for the car a good number of the results are listed as speed glitch) look at the results for Autopistia and Federal Highway along with many others.

I enjoyed messing around with danger signs, speed traps and zone’s in FH4 and manged to get into the top 1000 on nearly all, I know there were cheated scores appearing towards the end of the games cycle, but this is on a whole different level and left me feeling like there is no point even bother trying to get above 3 stars on many events, when I have next to no chance of getting into the top 1000, which seeing the game has only been out a week isn’t great tbh.


Based on FH4, short story, polite form, they don’t care.


Yeah. Sadly, I’ve just begun to ignore the leaderboards in this game just like I have in all the other Horizons because the cheaters have very small, pathetic lives and have to get their sense of self worth from unfair advantage.


Although I don’t know what sense of self worth? Maybe look mommy I’m top of a fake leaderboard that won’t do nothing for me in the real world? Sad…!

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I agree, once the glitch is fixed the boards should be cleaned. Three years on FH4 let’s not have another Three or more in FH5.

Plus a certain person should be permanently banned ‘YouTuber’ who clearly violates the terms of play. I’m not scared to state I’ve already made a complaint about this person to Playground Games and their clear disrespect for playing fair. I’m disappointed to see they aren’t already banned for providing ‘pre-modded accounts and credit injection mods’.

Unfortunately it’s the ones paying this person that ends up being punished, and us legit players, all whilst they’ve been left to profit at the expense of others.


Unless it directly impacts their profits, they don’t care. At all. Forza Horizon 4 was like that not long after launch, and it’s still like that now as far as I know.

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Also this, based purely on the fact that some Accolade challenges require people to get within 15, 10 and or 5% of the top on scoreboards.


This is why I ran rivals at the Hoizon festival Circuit for all classes within 2 days of release (technically pre-release) as I knew the Leaderboards would soon become a glitch/hack fest

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It’s possible after game fix. Currently there is no point in it.

I thought my 1031 meters was good with DJS’ X-class Jesko tune…

It is a problem yes.

But i only look at my friends and club leaderboard. So no cheaters/hackers, just some annoyingly good drivers.

I agree with poster above, they just do not care nothing will change. If you look at FH4 known issues the list was still massive at the end of its life and most of the issues existed from the beginning. Look at the size (and the severity) of the Fh5 known issues list and we can see it is the same and will be the same or worse. This company lost its way and does not give a fk anymore unfortunately for its fan base.

More than just Porsche speed glitches now. Theres good old PC mods that let them adjust the horse power of each individual tire, an Auto-win race feature, etc. Leaderboards are dead on arrival. You could have someone cheat just by adding 10 extra horsepower in rivals and it would be nearly impossible to tell the difference.

I love that their community contributors can post speed glitches on Youtube and not get banned either, classic favortism there.

I know they’ll mod this post but honestly until they fix this stuff I’m going to keep plastering it everywhere until they do something for a change.


Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this.


Like I posted months ago days 1 there would be cheats and no one from pg ever respondened