PLEASE for the love of god fix the speed glitches then wipe the leaderboards!

There are already countless youtubers posting speed glitch tune videos to make cars go well over 700km/h plus, effectively erasing any hope of a competitive spirit to both timed leaderboards but also skill challenges such as speed traps and jumps.

Please please fix this, half of what i was looking forward to in this game was legitimate online leaderboard competition, don’t let this go the way of FH4 again!

I agree on this.

I got into FH5 on release day, didn’t pre-order it, and already all the speed trap boards are full of lvl 150+ players with 350kph cars…

I don’t look at the leader boards any more, there’s no point. I’ve got my RS8 that will top 200 but 350+ is well out my league.

Also noticed one of the exhibition leader boards that’s approx a 3 minute drive, someone finished it in 6 seconds. I mean, that’s so blatantly a glitch, why aren’t these people either being removed from the leaderboard system, or banned from the game? What’s the point in having leaderboards if those that glitch can rule everything?

online leaderboards are a waste of time in any game. The top levels are ALWAYS held by cheaters so I just don’t take any notice of them at all. They might as well remove the feature as far as I’m concerned