Rivals Leaderboard Wipe?

Hello everyone. :slightly_smiling_face:

In the patch notes for December 3, the following was mentioned:

These are obviously great fixes and of interest to those who like to compete on Rivals boards, so many thanks to the dev team for sorting it out.

This does raise a question however:

  • Will there be a Leaderboard wipe?

Although (theoretically) no new illegal times would be posted to the Rivals leaderboards, all of the previously suspect times are still present, often taking up dozens or hundreds of spots at the top of the board.

It would be good to know if such a wipe is planned or not, as right now it feels a little uncertain whether one should attempt to set Rivals times or challenge opponents, as there’s a chance all of that playtime could be “wasted”.

Either way, figured I’d put the question out there (yes, I’ve sent a ticket too) since I couldn’t find any communication confirming or denying a potential Leaderboard wipe. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve set some Rivals which I wouldn’t mind doing again, but other ones like Stories or Stunts I wouldn’t do over if I’ve finished the Accolades for them so no need to repeat.

I think they are bit late for a reset TBH

It would be best if they had a way to detect which times were set via the blueprint method, and remove those only. Whether wiping the entire leaderboards is a good idea, I’m not sure. I’ve set a few serious times, not many. If I had, I wouldn’t be too pleased with a reset probably. If it’s the ONLY way though, then it’s probably worth it. But yeah, it would be very helpful for them to announce whether this is on the cards or not, so people don’t waste their time setting times now which later get wiped.

If they do wipe the boards, please for the love of goodness, make sure it won’t break anything in the process, like completed accolades.


They are the game developer and they should now what a “legitimate” completion time is! Just delete every time below that threshold.


This is the only acceptable answer. They know what’s reasonable and what isn’t. Hell, I’d support a total wipe, and instant, permanent bans for anyone caught cheating after said reset.



you really think they know what is acceptable?

and how do you think they would know that?
with their assisted driving settings?

there is no way to know for sure what is a legit time!

legit player posts a time for 1:04:83
that time stays the #1 time until a cheater comes along and posts a time of 1:04:59
then the next cheater posts a time of 1:04:18
next cheater 1:03:92

its just keeps going

back up
legit player posts a time for 1:04:83
that time stays the #1 time until a legit player comes along and posts a time of 1:04:59
then a cheater posts a time of 1:04:18
and a player comes along an posts a legit time of 1:03:92

how would anyone know what the cheated time is?

right now the times are all new!
but, give us all a year and all the times will be better as we learn the tracks and get better tunes

so, in a year people are going to complain again that the times are not legit and the devs will wipe them because of some magical knowledge of what time is legit!?!?

if the devs are not going to stop auction house cheaters, speed hacks, all trainers, injectors and any of the other cheats … then there is no need to waste anyones time with wiping a leaderboard!

they need to secure the game from cheats and if they didnt care to fix the cheating issues in FH4 then i do not think they will(can) do it here.

This is making the mistake of thinking there needs to be a perfect solution. While you can’t tell the difference between a legit 1:04 and a cheating run of the same time, you can tell that every time below a certain threshold is definitely bogus. That low hanging fruit of bogus times can be removed quickly and easily for each course.

There could also be a simple automated system which roughly works out the fastest possible time for each course and class, which a computer could be programmed to determine and be reasonably accurate. You could take say 10% off that to allow for margin of error, and then say any time below that gets deleted automatically either now or if anyone sets such a time in future.


the whole point of using a leaderboard is for legit times. right?
and that requires a “perfect solution” to be a legit leaderboard.
if there is no “perfect solution” then what is the point of a leaderboard esp. if there is any cheated times in it?
the cheaters are not going to cheat slow times … right?

if there is no “prefect solution” to online leaderboard then there is no need to look at it, post to it, wipe it, monitor it or to even spend dev time on it

irl, we have the ability to see a racer post a time with several time pieces keeping track.
here in the game world it is all to easy to inject a time milliseconds ahead of the leader!

any online stat(s) can be manipulated and knowing that is why i dont put much effort or care into them.

i was doing horizon tour yesterday and watched a player sit at the starting line and that player was 1st place instantly on GO!,
this went on all 3 laps and rounds.
dont need to point who won 1st place every time do I?
that was an obvious cheat but, there are many not so obvious cheat that can do just what i said above and that is inject a time milliseconds ahead of a posted time and no one will ever know!
and that makes the leaderboard pointless!

Don’t be crazy. Biggest problems were Willis and almost all liveries. :smiley:

Willy super wheelspins were a non-issue to players, only PG saw a threat to their game engagement metrics

Mathematically you can see some of the fake results by how much they jump up.

Fairly safe to go ahead an wipe any leaderboard result by anyone rank 2,999.

Also fairly safe to delete ANY top 1000 result in a speed trap, zone or danger zone set by an S1 car and below.

That right there is already a good 40% of the BS scores gone.


Would you just clarify what you mean by rank 2999? Do you mean in the top 3000 places on the leaderboard?

I have a couple of top 100 times all done in rivals - not even been any where near a blueprint event.

Just checking.

P.s. all in favour of a wipe of times that are illegitimate - I think the blueprint ones would surely clear up the boards a good deal at least.

The reference is to someone being prestige 10, level 2,999, which is a sure sign of a player who is being less than honest. I’d occasionally encounter them in Forzathon Lives in FH4 where they’d display mediocre levels of competence for players who allegedly had such a vast amount of experience in the game.

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I was going to ask the same thing.

I have seen legit top 100 times on my friends list.

Should there be a Leaderboard wipe? Yes.

Will there be a Leaderboard wipe? I am fairly sure I have more chance of winning millions on a Lottery, becoming Pope and being the first person to leave our Solar System (all 3 happening, not just one of them) than there being a Leaderboard wipe


Since there are accolades for placing in the top 5% of various leaderboards, and many of the top spots are taken up with bogus results, then, yeah, I think this is an issue.

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It’s still possible to get into the Top 5%, Top 1% and even Top 10 on some boards…I did a D500 Rivals on one of the Street Races yesterday for the first time and, after 4 runs at it, I was 7th overall with 6th catchable…only first place was a clearly hacked/glitched/exploited time. And I’m not a fast driver…I am a good driver (I had a few Top 10 times in FH4, albeit usually dirt using the Manx!) using Automatic transmission

D500 isn’t as well populated as other clas-ses (why it’s replacing the middle of that word I don’t know…censor is clearly broken!) so you have more chance

Top 1% is still very doable in every rivals race. The more people that post slower times, the easier it is to get top 1%. I did rivals races for hours yesterday. I wanted to get all of the top 5% accolades. In every class, D through S2, I got top 1%. Using the right cars with the right upgrades and a good tune is critical. I’m on X1X console.

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I have spent 2 days now playing rivals and I’m in top 10 or 50 in about 25 races so far. And you think it’s fair for them to wipe my times??? No thanks