Leaderboard Cheating / Drift Racing Times / Jumps / Speedtraps

I reported my own danger sign score that was somehow glitched/miscalculated to an impossible length from Nov 2021 and it’s still up. I wanted it off the board so I could set a real one. devs could at the very least cut off everything above realistic achievable scores as a first step.

or give us the option to wipe out own scores somehow

I won’t say for certain, as I might have missed it, but I checked the map for PR stunts that weren’t 3 star, when I started again, about 3 weeks ago. Also if that was for series 2, I ended playing somewhere in series 5 with everything at 3 star and came back in end of series 19.
Think this removal was recent, maybe a week old.

In any case, they are doing mighty fine job :-1: :upside_down_face: :rofl: :rofl:

2 very legit people on my list have broken danger sign scores. This is the fault of the game. Some of the rivals ghosts though, oh my. I’m tempted to download the footage and do F1 style commentary over it. “Hill, though the chicane, hugging the apex, but he’s wide into-… HE’S TELAPORTED!! THIS IS AMAZING.”


they’re not banning for exploits anyway. anyone who set a pr stunt time with a broken EV tune or won a billion credits thru the super 7 just ended up losing their results, not their accounts