Leaderboard Cars

homemade trigger stops or elite cottroller trigger stops are the same. Why would not having them make the leaderboards any better. The boards are already dead with top 100’s spread over 8 seconds. I understand your other pionts about track limits and public tunes. But making the boards harder will only leave them even more diluted. Honestly I think sometimes ppl not u in particular wud be happy being sat at number on there own. What the boards need are more players that’s can cut it at the top not less

The brake trigger stops take away from a time because it takes no skill if you arent using ABS and you can just slam your finger down and get all the advantages of no ABS with none of the disadvantages of ABS. I brought that up because ive been seeing it more and more in the top 20 times with these trigger stops and it’s cheating in my book.

Take this from a guy who can get an overall top 100 on pretty much any Forza leaderboard (even spec lbs) who just got an Elite controller yesterday, the trigger stops are not cheating by any means. The only real reason why the top guys use them is for increased consistency, but unless your braking technique is absolutely god-awful they won’t actually make you faster. I’ll use the Gallardo Spec Challenge as an example. My personal best on a regular controller (no trigger stop) was a 1:26.9 (About 64th in the world) that I did about a month ago. Today I ran the challenge again and got a 1:26.8 (60th in the world), so only improved by a tenth. Surprise, I’m still over a second behind what the likes of Rayzer and Lightning can do, and “cheating” with a trigger stop did not do one thing to change that. Plus, a minor annoyance I have with using a trigger stop is I can no longer intentionally lock my wheels when I get spun out in a lobby to cause myself to ghost faster.

Now don’t get me wrong though, I absolutely love the elite controller, and I think the increased consistency in braking and not having to waste mental power hitting 70-75% exactly will help me work out my fundamental flaws as a driver a bit faster, but it is not even close to a “get fast quick” solution. There is no such thing in Forza. If you’re gonna call the top guys “cheaters,” get off your high horse and race them in rivals, because then you’re gonna see why they are the best at what they do.

Try driving the S class 718 and/or Team Forza NSX and prepare to be humbled.

And tbh the Viper really isn’t that great at all. There’s lot of lobby cars that can destroy it on tracks like Hockenheim, Bugatti, Brands Hatch, Laguna Seca, etc.

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I see you are quite sensitive.

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Imo leaderboard cars ruin the experince of alot of players. I accept that the hoppers are essentially leaderboard car hoppers but never the less those that continually use the ktm and the bblm in s class make it difficult for anyone who isn’t very fast to use anything else. R class is a prime example of a class gone badly wrong. If u don’t use the power m8b your going to loose. Using leaderboard cars in R class basically limits the choice of everyone to 1 car and its really very stale and boring. Some might say that it’s not important to be competitive but I disagree like what’s already been said why would you not race in something that gives u the best chance possible. The real issue here is the pi system and the lack of choice that provides.

Basically I understand both sides of the argument and its about time t10 gave us more than 1 or 2 competitive cars in any class. If your lucky enough to be fast enough to drive what u want then good luck. if your not then your gunna get board driving lb cars all the time and if u dont get board ur gunna get hated


That’s why I never ran higher. Than B class. Hundreds if different combination that can win


I run S class all the time and this doesn’t match what I see at all. What I see is usually a smattering of Vipers being run mostly by mid-level players who might win a few races in a really slow lobby but won’t get near a win in a fast one. I rarely see fast guys driving it.

You’re basically complaining about Forza being Forza. The entire MP experience is based around arbitrary PI limits specifically to allow mis-matched cars, cars from different divisions and series and eras, to compete against each. One side-effect of these arbitrary limits is that some cars are way more competitive within a class than others. That’s just the way it is - if S class was arbitrarily changed from 701-800 to 751-850 you’d likely see a different group of dominant cars. Sure it would be nice if the system worked better and cars at a similar PI were similarly competitive, but with the huge number of cars and the infinite way they can be upgraded and tuned there’s no way that’s going to happen. If you want competitive racing where the car/ build/ tune choice isn’t such a factor then you’ll need to join a league, or play a different game.

If you stick with Forza and public MP then your choice is either to impotently fret about what everyone else is driving, or start driving the fastest cars yourself, or stop worrying about getting beaten by people in better cars than you. Personally I chose the 3rd option - I don’t drive LB cars but I don’t care if anyone else does. I’d much rather have a great race against someone in an LB car while I’m in something a bit underpowered than win a race by 3000ft. And if someone in an X-Bow beats me by a smidge when I’m driving a RS4.0, so what? He bloomin’ well should be beating me!


I try not to concern myself too much with what other people drive, though I have to admit that it can get old when I see somebody who clearly has ability sticks only to the best cars rather than challenge themselves a bit more, gleefully wearing out the room. In the end, though, they paid their money for the game, and are free to drive the car of their choosing, and I tend to agree with the earlier comment about many of the best cars being driven by mid (or lower) level racers anyway.

Some folks concept of what constitutes a leaderboard car baffles me sometimes, though. In S-Class, I drive only the 1960s-era open wheel Grand Prix cars. They’re my favorite of all-time, representing a unique time racing history; before sponsorship was draped everywhere, when a combination of high powered car and dangerous tracks created conditions which killed and maimed too many. Aside from all of that, I think the cars themselves are incomprehensibly beautiful pieces of engineering. Almost nobody drives them, but you can be sure that if you run them well, before too long you’ll begin to get messages from folks, telling you that it’s time to get out of that leaderboard car.


Here another point I never see I these arguments. Ever time I drive somethings different, I normally get crashed out of the races more, because it doesn’t have the speed. The best racing is on the front and not the back. In ghost I will try just about anything. But in collision I get frustrated be getting run over smash over and over.

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Yeah but anything over 2 min lap time is too slow imo. R class to me is the best feeling class. Even the production cars feel like there ment to be raced. Let’s face it the ultima, venom and other hyper cars are what alot of ppl buy the game for hence why you will always see a veyron in the r class hoppers even tho there usless. The one:one and the fxkk shud of put an end to the m8b and ultima dominance but some bright spark put them in p class. well done t10 best cars in the game can’t be used

08 Vipers and 13 Vipers really aren’t even that overpowered in S class. The 08 ones will work wonders on a few tracks (i.e. Alps) but that’s pretty much it. And there are plenty of alternatives to the power 13 Viper as well. Put an 08 Viper around a track like bugatti or nurburgring and they will get destroyed by someone who knows what they’re doing even in 3rd tier lobby cars. The only two deadly sins of S class which I would consider poor taste to run in a lobby are the KTM X-Bow and Porsche 718, both of which are overpowred, but also extremely difficult to drive. Plus, people who run them have no idea how to drive them properly anyways so they end up doing worse than if they just picked a typical lobby car. That’s why I love S class :).

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To add to rossi’s list of op cars in S class the bblm and the lancia turbo seem to be frowned upon along with what I call the ktm in disguise the 99 elise. At the end of the day if ppl want to drive the same cars over and over again without challenging themselfs then so be it. What I’m not gunna do is ram them, complain about it or allow other ppl’s choice to determine my choice of car. That’s coming from someone who spent the first 12 months of the game only driving the ultima, Nissan r382 and the radical I honestly dunno what I was thinkin restricting myself so much but the truth is i didn’t have the confidence to use the lancia turbo against the m8b. Now I’m destroying can-ams in the ferrari 458 s which I have to say pleases me greatly

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The way I see it is simple. Drive whatever you want to drive, just don’t knock me off the road in your little leaderboard car. Actually I enjoy the challenge of chasing down the Mono’s and the Alpha’s and the BBLMs of the world.

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On the weekend I ventured into a C Class lobby. I don’t generally drive in C so my garage is limited. I only had a Cortina, an RX7 and a Merc to race with. All of them had a bit of a rubbish home made tune. The rest of the guys in the lobby had equally “unpopular” cars. The racing was great - not particularly quick - but great. Each car had very different strengths and weaknesses and they all were a bit of a handful in their own way. We raced for perhaps an hour or so but then the Civics appeared and it was ruined.

If the only kick you get out of this game is being first over the line then you’re missing out on so much.

This is the problem with LB cars. They immediately make dozens of other cars redundant and that’s a real shame.


The funny things is the cortina is one of the most over powered cars in Cclass. The '97 isn’t over power as much as its popular and easy to drive. There long list of cars that can equal it and beat it. That’s funny thing about this discussion, it’s hard define what a LB cars is.
If you were getting beat bad by '97 that bad, you would been beat by a lot of cars.

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Which is why I love the lower classes. There’s a handful of cars to really watch out for, but if you’re good you can usually hold them off with easily with 50 other cars. I’ve noticed in the classes that each car seems to have at least 1 track where it’s good. It’s just a matter of spending the testing time figuring out where.

Like a few days ago I figured out a 3600lb 90 camaro was really fast in D class and was even pacing top 100s at the track I tested it at. Literally nobody uses the car because it’s very sluggish if driven poor. Same story for a Golf R32 or whatever it’s called.

I couldn’t stand S class and higher though. Too limited in car choice if you want to stay competitive which is a shame. Lots of really nice yet redundant cars that are useless. These classes are why CPL are needed in order for the gamers to figure out the right PI index for classes. CPL is why we had talon vs eclipse lobbies in FM2 that were very popular. Gamers figured out with certain rules you could have very close and fun races with any car.

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Nothing better than beating the 08 Vipers around the Alps and Prague in my lowly GT2.

It’s your game, you can drive whatever you like, without having to justify yourself to anyone. Personally, I refuse to drive the perceived LB cars in public lobbies.

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This is a moot argument.

Yes, people can drive what they want and play the game how they want. All owners of the game have the same rights, including the right to not like how other people are playing.

Sorry to single you out but it’s the perfect example to illustrate my point. It wasn’t long ago you were saying your favourite go to car was the S class Elise 99, which happens to be 1 of the top 2 fastest possible cars in S class on a large number of tracks. It’s an out and out leaderboard car.

Sometimes people have no idea what a car is capable of unless one of the world’s best happens to put it on a leaderboard. It’s stunning the amount of times I’ve encountered in my years playing forza the person complaining of someone using a leaderboard car is using a car actually faster than the car they’re complaining about!!! Can you believe that? Happens constantly. My findings are that those complaining of people using a leaderboard car are nearly always driving a car way off it’s abilities and aren’t at all loosing because someone was using a better car.

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I remember, Dsquared in FM4 had driven always leaderboard cars :smiley: the only thing is, nobody had seen them before and had no idea it could even be possible to be so fast with such cars.
It doesn’t matter what car some really good tuners take, in combination with being a fast driver, which Dsquared is for sure, most cars are “leaderboard cars”.
On one hand it’s quite funny to hear and read all the complaints about the car, on the other hand, it is so old, boring and annoying. Everyone who cries about the car is so good, take it, build it, drive it and then lets have a look where you’re placing yourself on the rivals page.

Tons of cars in the game are your so called “leaderboard cars”, live with it.