Lamborghini Noises.....

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve noticed something…

Let me first start by saying that all Lamborghinis in this game sound amazing. However, I feel like there’s an issue with how the newer V12 models (Murcielago SV LP670-4, Aventador LP700-4, and Veneno). Read on and tell me if you see what I see, or if I’m just imagining things…

Anyone who knows Lamborghini’s history knows that the Aventador (and subsequently, the Veneno) introduced Lamborghini’s first all-new V12 engine since the screaming days of the Countach. With that new V12 came a new soundtrack.

I cant explain it myself, so I’ll let a couple of videos do the talking for me… FYI i couldn’t embed any, but take a look anyway.

Murcielago SV LP 670-4

And now the Aventador LP700-4 (acceleration around 00:58)

Once again, every Lamborghini in Forza Horizon 2 sounds awesome. But I do think that there’s something off about the way the Aventador, and the Veneno sound. IMO, they sound way too similar to the Murcielago, whether using the exterior, in-car, or bumper camera views…

Murcielago SV

VIP Aventador

Also the Veneno, since it shares the same engine with the Aventador

I recognize the fact that they all do have 12 cylinder engines, so technically they really should sound pretty similar, but there are BIG differences in the way these cars should sound, both in real life and in-game.

As a matter of fact, the only racing game I’ve played so far that gets the Aventador V12 right has been NFS Most Wanted (2012).
Hear for yourself, and compare it to the rest…
NFS Most Wanted (2012)

Now, I’m not comparing entire games here, just sounds. But I do think that for all the detail you can find in Horizon 2, the Lamborghini V12’s should be making the right noises.

So tell me, am I just being nitpicky here, or do you guys out there hear the same things that I do (don’t)?

PS Hey, Turn 10. Think it could be solved in a patch some time in the future?

Theres bugs/incorrect things with many cars in this game. Since its not a gamebreaker I highly doubt it will be corrected.

First of all OP, interesting thread.

This has been the case with many Forza games - won’t dive into too much detail here - but many V12, V-6 or V-8 even flat 4s and 6s sound very similar to each other. In real life, there is a very unique character to each car’s engine and exhaust orchestral score (yeap, apparently that’s how I identify with car sounds), which I imagine is quite a task to achieve in a game that runs off a disc in a little box. Even some of the best industry-grade simulators miss out on a few things.

Let’s consider this: If a Forza game only had bout’ 50 or so cars to begin with, can we have 100% accurate engine sounds for all of them? Most likely. Up that count by 5 or 6 times, and somewhere in the mix, the audio authenticity is lost.

Ever notice how the NFS games have such a relatively low car count? Well, it pays… their engine sounds are very nice indeed. In fact, if you recall, the original NFS from the early/mid 90s had the BEST engine sounds heard in any racing game at the time. (Yes, they had sampled audio from the real thing and did a wonderful job of translating that into the game).

By the way, the Aventador and Veneno were not the first ones to bring back the V12 configuration. It was the Reventon I believe.

I’m still on H1 and FM4 btw, immensely enjoying them both.

FM6 will surely make up my mind about whether to purchase the X1 or not.

It’s true, here’s a refresher.

The Reventon is just a modified Murcielago, and all flagship Lamborghini models use V12s. The Miura, Countach, Murcielago, etc. are all V12s.

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