Dear Forza horizon 3 team
I am very disappointed with the sound of the Lamborghini aventador sv since it is a VIP car, this car should get a unique sound and not the same as the standard aventador

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Well, you’re late to the party bud!

There was plenty of talk and concerns about changing the Aven. SV sound. It actually used to have a unique sound when it debuted as a VIP car. Now it sounds exactly the same as the normal Aventador, Centenario and Veneno. All these Lambos share the same sample.

There was actually plenty of talk of cars sounding exactly the same, even across different manufacturers, in a thread called “Valiant Sound”. Staffers from T10 responded eventually, saying nothing can be changed at this point, even though they did correct some of the car sounds.

FM6 is still my go-to game to enjoy meaty, satisfying and ‘accurate’ car sound samples. I have a feeling they will be taking sound very very seriously in Horizon 4. :slight_smile:

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I’m not exactly sure why “nothing can be done” for the sounds in Horizon 3. They’re just another set of samples and the entire game is now approaching 60GB total. It’s not like it needs to be cut down to minimize disk space consumption lol, it’s a game.

But yes, no one likes to hear the exact sound from an Aventador while in the Veneno, but we just have to deal with it.

60 GB isn’t a lot. most consoles are 1 to 2 terabytes. I’d rather have a game done right, then be cheated out for space. Honestly, a lot of the free mobile apps/ car simulators have better car sounds.

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Very true brother.

I sometimes play those unrealistic simulators because they sound good. Who wouldn’t want to hear a V12?


I prefer a V8 sound lol

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I’ll second this. Can’t beat the rumble of a crossplane crank V8!

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Third. less said the better but I third the opinion.


I almost thought my sound was broken at first. All i hear is a annoying buzzing sound. I have to max out y speakers just to here my Lamborghini idling. How about the creators go to a car show, so they can hear what a car really sounds like. It gets annoying because when my 4.5 million dollar Lamborghini sounds like the Honda civic.

Especially so because the Forza series is long acclaimed to have been the “most realistic” racing game, everything from sounds to aesthetics and attention to detail. But it’s much too late now because Forza 7 has already made its debut, which I’m assuming will be Forza 6 part two.

No worries, though! We still have Forza Horizon 1 and 2 to check back into and hear the old, correct sounds.


I hope it’s not, since FM6 was just FM5 2.0.

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same, i turn off my volume because of how bad the car sounds are. All the cars seem to ahve a weird buzzing noise, not a sharp V12 like on YouTube and in RL.

Hey dude,as Speedster996 said,there will be nothing done regarding the sound department in future(Said by the Dev of PG itself). If you take a look at the below stated link posted by me, you will know how meaningless & stupid their reply was & how me & speedster996 fought for our cause. Well, be sure to check in the whole thread. Thank you :slight_smile:

I just dont get it Have had several V8 and big 6 motors both strait and V and when I came time for an exhaust replacement I was very fussy Extractors, Larger Pipes Or same size but twin all the way to the back, followed up with a larger muffler front and rear, now my car would have a bit more power and be a dam sight quiter. The Magic Word here Muffler to to reduce sound as much as possible.

Mufflers dont make a v12 1515 HP engine completely silent during idle, and it have a annoying buzzing sound.

More on-point discussion - isn’t part of the fun in upgrading cars both in games and IRL is the fact that the sound changes dramatically? And your car not only goes faster but sounds faster and more aggressive/raw as well?

About time Forza, about time, that’s all I’m saying. Bring back the FM2 days of upgraded engine/exhaust sounds! :smiley:

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I know sound is a sensitive subject (to myself, even) but I feel people are overreacting a bit.

Would I prefer it if my M4 didn’t sound like a 340i? Yes I would. But that does not exactly kill my enjoyment of the game, simply because the driving is so much fun. And there have been worse screw ups in other very recent games…

I can point to various examples. I saw Project Cars thrown around in that Valiant thread… Well, if you’re familiar with a good bunch of the cars in Project Cars you’ll know that game is Recycle City and the quality is all over the place. The Escort RS1600 sounds the same as a Caterham, which sounds the same as a Ginetta G40; the Lotus 98T’s sound is just a really high pitched version of the M1 Procar’s sound; the Sierra Cosworth’s sound is a lower pitched version of the Zakspeed Capri’s; and don’t get me started on the sounds that were recycled from the Shift games! Like the 1M Coupé and the 6-cylinder Ruf sounds.

In NFS Rivals the Carrera GT and the 918 Spyder have a very bad, low pitched V8 sound. I haven’t seen a bigger screw up in a racing game before. Now THAT is a fun killer.

Trust me, FH3 is worse than before but still better off than the competition. We’re entitled to call the devs out for not living up to the series’ high standards, though, and I would certainly be in support of it.

Agreed Night Driver!

Although I do feel, the guys at T10 should be paying a lot more attention to the sound than they currently are, i.e. at the same level as physics and visuals. There are so many intricate nuisances to a car’s exhaust sound depending on what view you’re in, the environment around you etc. and the dirtyness/rawness that comes out of the car as you accelerate. The engine notes also ought to be more detailed and higher quality. The F40 for example sounded so darn beautiful in FM4, it even sounded great in 5, but when you hear the FM6 version, it sounds a bit weak and robot-like, particularly on the downshifts.

I know I’m nitpicking - the overall sound design is superb in FM6, with just minor bits left to be desired. Out of all the racing games I own on my Box, Forza is the most polished one with the least issues, sound or otherwise. However, I hope the developers do not continue to use this approach of comparing themselves to other games and feeling full so to speak, for the time being. Sound is half the deal and VERY important in a racing game for immersion’s sake.

Now PCARS, I do not know why people praise the sound so much in that game - it doesn’t even have the doppler effect and as you said, there are copied/pasted samples all over the place, with only slight variations. The MP4-12C and P1 for instance sound almost identical, and that annoys me to bits. Furthermore, all V8 or V12 exhaust notes for instance, seem to have the exact same off throttle and downshifting sample and the overall quality of the car sound samples are quite low quality and compressed. Perhaps on the PC, there are mods which improve the overall sound stage, but on consoles, at least, I wasn’t that impressed, though it isn’t bad in its own.

You know I download NFS 2015 recently as it had free play days and I do not know why people praise the car sounds in that game. Sure, they sound life-like, but they are weak and you really have to turn the volume up. All in all, certainly not as good as hyped in reviews and YT videos.

Again, I’d rather not compare Forza games to the competition, because they have a huge budget and some really gifted programmers. They really ought to streamline focus on sound in future titles, so much so, that you can barely tell the cars apart from the real life ones. And I hope the fun in upgrading returns - I just do not like the look and sound of a car’s exhaust after all engine upgrades have been applied 100%.

Constructive feedback, that’s all. I have supported the franchise since FM2 and will continue to do so.

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