Aventador complaint

I paid the ultimate edition 100€ …this is the problem: The Lamborghini Aventador SV is so bad, the sound is horrible , the interior is horrible and the car is a BAD SKIN, developer you create this cars for the VIP and the people pay 100€ for ultimate edition , NOW YOU UPDATED THIS AND CREATE AN AVENTADOR SV WELL DONE, because i paid 100€ and you take me a peace of shit, no no no .
Another problem is the cockpit of the aventador LP-700-4 , the lap counter isn’t as the original in forza horizon 2 is perfect now in Forza horizon 3 is so bad.
This is the problem i’ve seen.

Sorry for my English but i’m italian.

Although I have not heard it in game yet, it sounds downright terrible in videos. Disappointing, was really looking forward to it. How does the F12tdf sound? Come on T10, you can do better than that.

Hey !

I just posted about those issues here :