Is it worth getting?

Hey guys! Normally i wouldn’t post something like this, but recently I have sold my Xbox to go full PC gaming, but I am torn between getting a new one and Forza 6. Which would be around $550 AUD. So community is it worth it or is it just Forza 5 2.0?

Thanks guys.

(Sorry if there are threads like this already been a while)

It’s still forza but it drives better than 5 did

It may still be a little too early to tell on that.

I think it’s worth it so far. Even more so if a new Forza comes out each year, alternating between Horizon and Motorsport. I have a PC too and over 100 hours playing Assetto Corsa, while I love that game I always have way more fun playing Forza…

this right here. very this.

forza was fun. once. this feels like it’s trying really hard to be a dedicated simulation racer. but it’s not. so the sim guys complain. and they finally brought back the good simcade physics that they had in fm4… almost. so it’s really good that that’s back. because 5 was less than amazing in that department. BUUUUT they took away all the goofy car games that made the fun happen. like soccer, tag on tracks, cat n mouse, custom public lobbies… its all just race hoppers or that chaos in the airfield they’re calling tag.

if there was another racing game that even came close to the way forza WAS back in fm3/4 i’d be on it like flies on stink. PC, PS4, XBONE… i don’t care. i just like driving. and forza is the best at it right now. but if project cars or assetto corsa gets a good strong playground multiplayer community… i’m gone. because that’s where forza is lacking for the niche they’re filling.

i really really really want to like FM6. because it’s sooooo much better than 5. but it’s not quite there yet for what i want out of the game.

if you like plain old racing then yes i strongly recomend it. but if you’re looking for fun… they cut most of that out.

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It’s worth the price of the game, but I don’t think it’s worth the price of the game AND a console, unless there are a reasonable number of other games you would play on the console.

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I agree. I think the game is amazing, but i dont think one game alone justifies a new console purchase. Thankfully, i think the xbone has a lot of other great games as well though!

So worth it.

I have played the game since September 10th and I would say it’s worth it. I have played forza 5, Horizon 2, NFS Rivals, and some other games on Xbox, Ps4 and PC, but Forza 6 has to be the BEST of them all even although I have played it for a small amount of time. It has amazing graphics, gameplay, cars, tracks, etc. Also, showcase events are really fun.

I’m about 50 hrs in and I have to say that it’s definitely worth it. I think it’s the best Motor sport to date and 10x better than FM5 IMO.

I deleted it from my drive along with every other Forza incarnation across the One and 360. It felt good to break free from the gravy train.

Dude whaaaaat? I’m a big fan of your work.
I’m sitting here, looking for your livery because I just got a free 250 GTO and you’re telling you deleted everything??? :frowning:

I will always so Forza is worth it lol.

I have only played the demo of Forza 6 but once again like the other games in the series I love it :slight_smile:

no… its not worth it.

if your new to the series then yeah you will enjoy it… if you are a veteran player then its just FM5 re skinned. there’s no new content like upgrades or cars as such. cars have just been ported over from FM5 and FH2. rain racing is crap and then the night racing well… even worse online…

If it helps any I just bought my xbox one for Forza 6 and I would say money well spent , I normally just used my kids ones for the odd games here n their of the crew or nfs or fifa or minecraft etc but I went and got one for myself for Forza and I would defo say its worth it best game I have ever seen and played

The game is worth its money if your a fan of forza, but tie in the price of a console as well simply to play it then no $550 is way to much for entry fee.

Not worth it until Drivatars are fixed. Otherwise you’ll be booting up your $500+ purchase to a lot of disappointing races.

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It is worth it IMO, especially if you need an excuse to get onto the new platform. I didn’t buy Forza 5 when it launched because, I refused to purchase the Xbox1; during its launch year. Due to the scarcity of titles I would play (no halo). I am glad I have my XB1 now; I use it for everything TV/Netflix/Youtube as well as racing games.

Yes. You screwed up getting rid of the Xbox One.

unless you are a forza fan, it’s not worth it in my opinion and this is coming from a hardcore pc sim racer. I wanted to know what my cswv2 was like on the xbox so I spent the $500 for the uni hub + forza rim + 2 day shipping + the game and overall no it’s not worth it TO ME.

pcars is still the better game with race weekends, qualifying, ffb, actual mp rooms that are created and customized by the host vs stupid hoppers made by t10 with a mix of to many types of cars instead of class racing like pcars, ac etc. I’m playing pcars on pc though.

forza 6 is still good. it’s just still EXTREMELY thin compared to pcars, ac, etc.

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