Should I Get FM6?

I know this is probably a really basic question, but I’ve been debating for the past few days now. I’m really mixed on whether or not I should shell out $60 for Forza 6.

I’ve played Forza since 2. However, the one I played most, of course, is 4, and I played that thing for 2 years (not to mention I love taking pictures) until I got the One. Now I’m stuck. I never played 5 and I wouldn’t buy it if it were $10, however 6 has grabbed my attention. But here’s the thing:

I’ve went through several threads on here finding people complimenting the game, but at the same time, I’ve found several that complain about it. I know it JUST came out and there’s gonna be a few issues to be fixed in the future, but how do we know T10 is going to fix the important ones? And are the issues really as big of a deal that people are making them out to be?

Why should I spend money to play Forza 6? Why should I not spend money to play Forza 6? I haven’t played a new Forza in 3 years.

Yes get it.

There are many issues, but the good outweighs the bad. And they will fix at least some of the issues, making that ratio even better.

It’s not perfect, but it’s the best racer on Xbox One, especially if you’re a past Forza player.

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Can you not try the demo?

I did, and I keep coming back to it. But I don’t know much about the full game and its pros/cons, let alone how the new career works.

It has a few faults, but it still an incredibly fun game. I know some of the more glaring faults get a lot of discussion here, but those items will eventually be fixed.

If your a Forza Fan I would say get it…

Plus bring in the excitement for your Xbox One…
Graphics alone are yet along breath taking.

Career doesn’t bring anything new to the table, and IMO, doesn’t use enough wet and / or night tracks, probably the weakest part of the game.

Glaring omissions from free play, but rivals is as compelling as ever, and the showcases are fun.

If you are unsure, what for a price drop.

As with everything else in the world, most folks who are satisfied with a product don’t come online and write reviews and forum posts about how they aren’t in any way displeased. The folks who complain make a lot of noise, and seem like a much larger group than they are.

There are some issues, for sure. The worst, in my opinion, is the multiplayer voice chat. While I hope that gets fixed, it’s not nearly problem enough to keep me from playing. It’s a great game, that will get better as bugs get worked out.


If you primarily like circuit racing, get FM6. It’s track list and car list are probably the best of any Forza. The graphics are of course better and every cars can be explored in Forza Vista. Rivals is as good as always and I think the drivitars are quite good.

Regarding Drivitars - Yes, they frustrate me at times, but not as much as racing in public lobbies. I do believe they are copying the driving habits of the users that train them. The guys on my friends list that are more aggressive online also have more aggressive drivatars. Sometimes I get wrecked by random drivitars and many times they get all stacked up on turn 1. Very much like driving live opponents. My feeling on drivitars is they will often do things you don’t expect (like diving up the inside when there is no room or from too far behind) and frustrate you. This is exactly what live racers will do and I try remind myself that this frustration is what makes them realistic. …you always have rewind :slight_smile:

If you are not into the new mods feature, you can simply not use it. If you don’t like the prize spin thing, you can skip them as well.

*** However, if you are into creating designs and featuring them on your storefront, or flipping cars on auction house - FM6 is not for you. I hear drag racing is not included either even though their are drag tires. I don’t drift or play cat and mouse games so I can’t comment on them. But if you are into circuit racing - FM6 is great!

Isn’t there an option to turn off Drivatars? I think I read somewhere on a review that you could.

There is a switch to limit their aggressiveness in the difficulty menu. I haven’t felt the need to click this option yet though. …but I have used rewind when a drivatar runs me off the road - many times. (which is kind of cheating I guess)

Also you can turn your xbox to offline mode which will prevent drivitars from running with you I guess. I definitely don’t feel this is necessary.

But I guess the big issue w drivitars is on lower difficultly levels. Apparently sometimes when racing at lower drivatar difficultly levels, a high level drivatar or two will be placed into the race and put down leader board times. This will prevent you from being able to win but probably not from getting 3rd place (required placing to advance) so it should be a minor problem

There is drag racing, but it’s online only. I don’t really do drag racing, so that’s fine with me (though I may have built a ridiculous '63 VW Beetle dragster, because I thought it was funny…)

Not if you want a replacement for 4. No searchable public lobbies, can’t choose cars for the ai, nor can you setup a certain class like wtcc or early gt’s. Single player is very linear, you just can’t choose a certain track/class like you could in 4. And the rwd cars are a bit harder to control than in 4. And no storefront either. So overall for me 4 was in a lot of ways better. However, there are open wheel cars, early gt’s and a lot more different classes. Night time is beautiful, so is racing in the rain( besides the puddles). But I forgot the strange ai, sound issues(you can’t hear your own car)

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Project cars is a better sim racing game by far, forza is good but arcadey

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The question was “Should I Get FM6?”

Don’t try to derail this thread by making it a vs. thread. Thanks.


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If you’re a casual gamer then its fine, however if you’re a hardcore sim racer fan then it probably wont be for you. Depends on whether you mind if lots of the cars are inaccurate and other bugs which have been reported. Same with the career mode which personally I dislike. You can look at some youtube videos if you’re still unsure. Theres alot of Lets Plays out there

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Absolutely worth it 100%! Aa’been a fan since the good ol’ FM2 days and you really should have every FM game in your collection, including FM4 and 5.

6 does some things better than 5, some things not. Overall, it is a marked improvement and you should waste zero time in getting me. I’m very nitpicky about my racing games/sims BTW, and this is coming from me, so just get yourself a copy. :slight_smile:

Forza Motorsport 6 is a video game. It is a luxury item bought with what should be discretionary income. Only you can determine if the entertainment it provides meets or exceeds your expectations and provides value for investment.


There is nothing wrong with Forza 5, besides it lacking in some content. It wasn’t bad for a launch game. But Forza 6 is definitely worth it, though I’m hesitant so say the ultimate edition is. But the standard version for $60 definitely is, especially if you’re a fan of the series. I would say Forza 6 is close (but still quite not there) to Forza 4’s quality.